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Tesla Theater
Having debuted in 2019 with Software v10.0, Tesla Theater makes recharging less tiresome when on road trips by permitting you to view Hulu, Netflix, YouTube, and other streaming services while parked and charging.

Smart Summon
This function can begin and remotely drive your Design 3 to where you’re standing, all through your mobile phone’s Tesla app. The car has to be within sight, and you must accept obligation for anything that might go wrong on this remote-controlled brief journey. However it’s a crowd-pleaser and counts on deft technology.

2020 Tesla Model 3 Interior

Here’s where things get a little cool for some. The Model 3 interior owes its entire look to minimalism and sparsity. Some even may state stripped-down. It has virtually no conventional switches, levers or knobs, or even an instrument panel. It tosses all that stuff into the bin in favor of a 15-inch multifunction tablet-like touchscreen in the middle of the dashboard. You utilize this to control whatever from ventilation and heating to audio, navigation, and battery charging data.

Car speed and other always-present driving details are displayed at the top left of this screen. Some users may feel this is rather alien, while others might adapt rapidly and like it. And as the popular internet memes today typically declare, your mileage might differ.

The front seats use great deals of headroom for high chauffeurs, and those seats themselves are comfy and supportive. Rear-seat area is tight, however. Plus, the seat bottom is located really low and does not have assistance, forcing rear passengers’ knees to float in the air with little cushioning under their thighs. This causes fatigue to set in very rapidly.

2020 Tesla Model 3 Outside

Some of the current EV competitors in the low and middle cost classes utilize odd, quirky design aspects to state aesthetically that they are, certainly, electrical lorries. Alternatively, the Design 3’s exterior simpleness is its strength. It does not use an uncomfortable overlay of surface information to pronounce its reliance on electrons versus petrochemicals. Meanwhile, the sweep of the roofline, the low cowl, flush door manages, and missing front grille impart a basic beauty.

The 19-inch optional Sport wheels look far better than the basic wheels fitted to the Standard Variety and Long Range models. Choosing the Performance model then likewise results in a lower ride height, 20-inch matte-finish wheels, and a carbon-fiber spoiler.

2020 Tesla Model 3 Basic Features

Tesla is constantly changing the Design 3 lineup in features that come standard and choices based upon purchaser trends and software application updates. With that caution, the cheapest model is Basic Variety Plus in rear-wheel-drive configuration. Meanwhile, Long Variety and Performance trims consist of dual-motor four-wheel drive.

Dual-zone automated climate control is basic, as is a glass roofing, Bluetooth connection, 4 USB ports, two mobile phone docking stations, and heated, power-folding side mirrors with auto-dimming glass. Tesla’s “Autopilot” advanced driving-assistance system (ADAS) is likewise basic.

Currently, the Design 3 Standard Range Plus includes a “Partial Premium” interior, suggesting superior seat product, 12-way power and heated front seats, upgraded audio, plus 1 month of premium connectivity with in-car internet music and entertainment streaming, satellite maps with live traffic and over-the-air car updates.

2020 Tesla Model 3 Options

Oddly, any paint color other than white costs extra, as does the good-looking 19-inch Sport wheels. The complete Premium interior (in contrast to those “Partial Premium” variation) comes with the Long Variety and Performance trim levels. The complete Premium also includes LED fog lights, heated rear seats, upgraded audio, floormats, and a year of totally free “Premium” connectivity. Efficiency trim equips the Model 3 with gray 20-inch wheels, upgraded brakes, lower ride height, a Track driving mode, a carbon-fiber spoiler, and aluminum-alloy pedals.

“Full Self-Driving Ability” expenses $7,000 on Model threes, that includes the existing Tesla Autopilot features like automated driving from highway onramp to highway offramp, similar to Cadillac’s Super Cruise, all of which Tesla declared earlier in 2020 would be available by year’s end, but is still in beta screening. Automatic lane-changing ability, automatic parking in parallel and perpendicular parking areas, and Smart Summon are all readily available now, too. Tesla claims that “Full Self-Driving Ability” will include the ability to react to traffic signals and stop indications. Nevertheless, Tesla’s “Full Self-Driving Ability” is absolutely not real self-governing driving, and no one should puzzle the 2.

2020 Tesla Design 3 Engine

For Basic Range Plus and special-order Long Variety rear-drive Design 3s, an electric motor sits between the rear wheels, but you’ll never see it. Long Variety all-wheel-drive and Efficiency trim models include another electrical motor for the front wheels.

Those electrical motors are powered by lithium-ion batteries parked under the automobile’s flooring between the front and rear wheels. Requirement Range Plus Model 3s have a 54-kWh lithium-ion battery. A 75-kWh battery comes with the Long Variety and Performance versions, however the Efficiency version is more powerful.

Design 3 Standard Range Plus:
Air Conditioning induction electrical motor w/54-kWh battery pack
340 horse power (approximated)
330 lb-ft of torque (estimated)
EPA city/highway fuel economy: 148/132 MPGe (RWD)
Variety: 263 miles

Design 3 Long Range:
A/C induction electrical motors w/75-kWh battery pack
447 horsepower (approximated)
376 lb-ft of torque (estimated)
EPA city/highway fuel economy: 136/123 MPGe (RWD), 124/116 MPGe (AWD)
Range: 353 miles

Design 3 Performance:
A/C induction electric motors w/75-kWh battery pack
580 horse power (approximated)
481 lb-ft of torque (approximated)
EPA city/highway fuel economy: 124/116 MPGe (18-inch wheels), 119/112 MPGe (19-inch wheels), 118/107 MPGe (20-inch wheels)
Range: 315 miles

How Much Does the 2020 Tesla Design 3 Cost?

The 2020 Tesla Design 3 Standard Range Plus (250 miles) starts at $39,190, the Design 3 Long Variety (322 miles) costs $48,190, and a Model 3 Efficiency (310 miles) begins at $56,190. All costs consist of the needed destination charge of $1,200 and do not compute savings in fuel costs, like Tesla’s website does.

On the other hand, the smaller sized however rather well-done 2020 Chevrolet Bolt begins at $37,495, while the lower-cost Nissan Leaf starts at $32,525. Extending the envelope to include the Jaguar I-Pace, which might compete on rate with a totally packed Tesla Design 3, the Jag begins at $70,875.

A recent research study of electric vehicle recurring values revealed the Design S losing 35 percent of its new-car value over 3 years, yet the Model 3’s forecast showed a 10 percent loss of its worth over three years. The Tesla Design 3 won a 2019 Kelley Blue Book Finest Resale Value award in the Electric Automobile segment.

Significantly, Tesla does not have a conventional retail network like other carmakers. Tesla owns all of its 130 U.S. stores and galleries. (As a contrast, Porsche has 189 dealers, Jaguar has 330, Nissan has 1,082, and Chevrolet has around 3,000.)

Lots of buyers order a 2020 Tesla Design 3 through the company’s website, pay the $100 order fee and wait anywhere from seven to 11 weeks for the automobile to be constructed and shipped to a regional Tesla Shipment Center (TDC). If the purchaser lives far from a TDC (or within a state that does not permit producers to offer direct to the customer), Tesla might arrange home shipment. Most Tesla stores have a restricted amount of stock in-house at any one time, permitting individuals who desire a Design 3 right away to purchase one.

The federal income-tax credit for Tesla automobiles expired earlier in 2020. The state no longer offers California citizens money rebates for EVs priced over $60,000, crucial for those thinking about Long Range AWD and Performance Design 3 buyers.

Best Deals on a 2020 Tesla Design 3 for February

Purchasing a used 2020 Tesla Design 3 is a fantastic method to keep the cost down without compromising any of the benefits when buying brand-new. While the 2021 vehicle does get some visual updates and a few more miles in variety, the 2020 Design 3 is every bit its equal.

As February usually bring some pretty foul weather, the offered four-wheel drive on the Model 3 ought to be available in helpful.

Purchasing an utilized Model 3 is similar to purchasing a new one, that is you look for it online and the cost is non-negotiable. A used Design 3 includes standard Auto-pilot however can be updated to complete self-driving mode when it becomes available. Purchasers will get the Standard Connectivity package that can be updated to Premium Connection from the Tesla Account. Tesla tosses in a complimentary 30-day trial so you can experience Premium Connection first hand.

Unlike lots of competitors, Tesla does not provide any type of special funding or bonus cash offers on its pre-owned cars. Nevertheless, each used Model 3 goes through a 145-point examination to check for structural damage done to the automobile. The assessment also checks over major components such as Auto-pilot, the display screen, powertrain, steering and suspension, brakes and the safety equipment.

The 4-year/50,000-mile warranty rollovers with an addition year and 10,000 miles added. If the service warranty has actually ended, Tesla will cover you with a 1-year/10,000-mile service warranty from the day you take possession. The battery and drive system service warranty is also fully transferable, which is 8 years or 100,000 miles on the basic model and 8 years or 120,000 miles on the Performance and Long Range trims.

If you pick to buy from a private party, you’ll likely have the ability to work out the price, however you will not get any of the above services. You’ll either have to spend for a qualified Tesla service technician to look over the vehicle or trust the word of the seller.

If you’re uncertain of a reasonable cost to pay, attempt using KBB.com’s My Automobile’s Value page. Here you can determine an affordable rate based on the cars and truck’s mileage, functions and age.

The very best deals in quick

Tesla’s variation of a Licensed Pre-Owned program includes an extended fundamental minimal warranty in addition to a total inspection prior to being offered.

  • Used Design 3 transfers the balance of its 4-year/50,000-mile restricted guarantee plus adds 1 year/10,000 miles after expiration
  • Duration of its 8-year/100,000-mile battery and drive unit service warranty (120,000 miles for long range and performance designs)
  • A used Design 3 passed its basic limited service warranty gets a 1-year/10,000-mile minimal guarantee from the date of sale
  • 145-point assessment
  • 30-day trial Premium Connection

Which 2020 Tesla Model 3 Model is Right for Me?

2020 Tesla Design 3 Standard Range Plus

250 miles of driving range
Requirement active chauffeur support and collision-avoidance systems
Rear-wheel drive
0-60 mph in 5.3 seconds
15-inch touchscreen control board

2020 Tesla Model 3 Long Variety

322 miles of driving variety
Dual-motor AWD system
0-60 miles per hour in 4.4 seconds
Complete “Premium” interior upgrade
Heated rear seats

2020 Tesla Model 3 Efficiency

310 miles of driving range
Dual-motor AWD system
0-60 mph in 3.2 seconds
Efficiency suspension, brakes, wheels, and tires
Track driving mode