Elon Musk is one of the world’s best-known billionaires. He’s gotten popularity as the founder, CEO, and lead designer of SpaceX, the CEO, and co-founder of Tesla Inc., and as the co-founder of PayPal, just among others of his entrepreneurial accomplishments. He is approximated to be worth a cool $22.3 billion and is presently ranked as the 40th richest individual worldwide by Forbes.

Needless to state, there are numerous women out there who would like the opportunity to date Elon. And considered that the entrepreneur has a credibility for jumping from one long-lasting relationship to the next, he appears to constantly be making headlines for his high-profile love life. Not just has the star been married numerous times, but he’s likewise dated a handful of fellow stars that has actually made him the talk of the tabloids.

As lots of benefits as there would be to dating somebody as abundant and smart as Elon Musk, we make sure there comes a variety of challenges. In truth, there are some extremely specific guidelines the billionaire’s partners need to abide by if they want to make things work. Keep checking out to learn more about 5 of Elon’s most famous relationships as well as the guidelines that come with dating him.


15 Ex-Wife: Justine Wilson

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Elon’s longest public relationship is with his ex-wife Justine Wilson. The two met while going to Queen’s University in Ontario. They were wed in 2000 but went through a disaster after their boy, Nevada, passed from SIDs. The couple went on to have a set of twins and triplets, though they eventually separated in 2008.

14 Ex-Wife: Tallulah Riley

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Elon’s first partner, Justine Wilson, has confirmed the billionaire became engaged to Tallulah Wilson just 6 weeks after he filed for divorce. He and Tallulah Riley were wed two years later on in 2010, though they divorced in 2012.

Nevertheless, their separation was brief. The pair when again married in 2013 and were together up until Elon filed for divorce in 2016. Sources state the 2 split on friendly terms and that they still see each other “all the time,” Cheat Sheet reports.


13 Ex-Girlfriend: Cameron Diaz

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Though his better halves might have been unidentified to the general public, Elon has actually had numerous high-profile sweethearts. In 2013, after his first divorce from Tallulah Riley, the business person was supposedly romancing starlet Cameron Diaz. They apparently struck it off after she bought a Tesla, though things seemingly died before they really got going.

12 Ex-Girlfriend: Amber Heard

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After her high-profile divorce from Johnny Depp, starlet Amber Heard found her rebound in Elon Musk. The two were identified together numerous times between 2016 to 2017. They apparently attempted to revive things in early 2018, however called it stops by February of that year. They both still care deeply for each other, however the timing wasn’t right,” a source informed People at the time.


11 Possible Current Sweetheart: Grimes

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Maybe Elon’s the majority of unusual love is with indie artist Grimes. The 2 debuted their relationship at the 2018 Met Gala when they walked arm-in-arm. Page 6 reported the 2 fulfilled in April of that year after joking about expert system online. Currently, it appears the unlikely couple are still together.

10 Rule: His Exes Need To Get Along

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Elon does not sound like somebody who likes drama. The celebrity ensured his first ex-wife had an excellent relationship with his new partner when they got together. In her essay for Marie Claire, Justin states she even sent Tallulah an email with an offering of peace. “I would rather live out the French-movie variation of things, in which the 2 females end up being buddies and various approaches are contemplated,” she discussed.


9 Rule: Don’t Cancel Plans With Him

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It seems like Elon does not take ‘no’ for an answer. Throughout an essay for Marie Claire, his ex-wife Justine said she actually cancelled their very first date together (they were going to grab ice cream) due to the fact that she required to study. However Elon was so relentless that he showed up to the library with “two chocolate-chip ice cream cones leaking down his hands.”

8 Guideline: You Must Work Around Elon’s Arrange

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It’s obvious that Elon is quite work-oriented, so it’s not surprising to hear that his partners need to work their schedules around his. When Amber Heard wasn’t able to do that, the 2 of them called it stops.

“They had fun for a couple of months, however are both extremely busy with work now. It was getting hard to find time to see each other,” a source informed Individuals of their relationship. “Elon’s is burning the midnight oil. This is his life and he likes it. He remains in no position to be in a relationship right now and ended it.”


7 Rule: Do Not Talk About Certain Things

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There are some things Elon simply declines to discuss. His ex-wife Justine informed Marie Claire he would always close down discussions about their late kid Nevada. “Elon made it clear that he did not want to talk about [Nevada],” she explained. “I didn’t comprehend this, simply as he didn’t understand why I grieved openly, which he considered as ’em otionally manipulative’.”

6 Rule: Limits Should Be Defined Early

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Elon had actually made it extremely clear that he’s not a casual dater. There have actually been various times he’s said to the media he likes serious, long-term relationships, so it’s safe to presume the star likes to develop boundaries with his partners early on. “I’m looking for a long-lasting relationship. I’m not trying to find an one-night stand. I’m searching for a serious buddy or soulmate, that example,” he as soon as told People.


5 Guideline: You Have To Overlook Media Speculation

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Dating Elon Musk features a great deal of publicity, so his partners need to discover how to disregard the speculation if they wish to make things work. Grimes admitted all the undesirable attention took her by surprise initially.

“I was merely unprepared,” she said this April, People reports. “You delicately respond to somebody in a tweet and it’s on Fox News, and you’re like, ‘Ugh,’ you understand? That was a very troubling moment.”

4 Guideline: He’ll Give You Your Own Credit Card

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Given how much money he needs to burn, it’s not surprising to hear that Elon likes to make certain his partners are set up for life. So much so, the billionaire actually offers his GFs their own credit cards. His ex-wife Justine, who was working as an author, exposed to Marie Claire that he once gave her a charge card to buy as numerous books as she wanted while they were still dating


3 Guideline: He Refuses To Sleep Alone

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Ideally, Elon does not snore due to the fact that the business owner has actually made it clear he dislikes oversleeping a bed alone (hence why he jumps from relationship to relationship, we think).

“Going to sleep alone kills me,” he told Wanderer in 2017. “It’s not like I don’t understand what that feels like: Remaining in a big empty home, and the footsteps echoing through the hallway, no one there– and nobody on the pillow beside you.”

2 Rule: His Expert Life Precedes

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Elon’s existing sweetheart Grimes has hinted that dating the billionaire has actually put her own deal with the backburner. “It’s unfortunate how love can be this stunning thing, but then love is the thing that’s f– king up my career,” she informed Cultured Publication this past April. “The greatest modification for me this year is losing my hardcore masculinity.


1 Guideline: You Much Better Like Kid

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Although he doesn’t discuss his kids frequently, Elon is in fact a father-of-five. He and his first better half, Justine, had three children- twins Griffin and Xavier were born in 2004, while his triplets Damien, Saxon, and Kai were born in 2006. Needless to say, anybody he dates had better like kids or we doubt it’s going to exercise.

Sources: Cheat Sheet, People, Marie Claire,

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