dario867 L0: hi, what can i do with dice? Please assist

Payumoney: attempt rur and get pump in rur and put in eth or yo market and take rest

Payumoney: a minimum of u will get dome

dario867 L0: is any method to withdraw dice?notes1: Payumoney, try to state something positive for a change Calamity: dario867, No ichigosa: dario867, ll ichigosa: dario867, you can sell it for rur ichigosa:or play dice dario867 L0: so dice has no value?ichigosa: dario867, practically no worth ichigosa: it is a totally free coin after all dario867 L0: ok, i comprehend dario867 L0: thanks webtool: Please assist an old veteran down on his luck webtool: Put everything into dice, double or absolutely nothing webtool: please send pancakes and syrup himantgupta L0: Do you think DICE has some value?Jamsidra L0: 777 Jamsidra

L0: 777 Jamsidra L0:++++777 redsgarage36 L1: nope youdedend L0: 777 webtool: with day-to-day 7%inflationary pressure, the tokenomics of 777 seems destined to lower worth webtool: yobit ought to create some more ingenious tokens than 777 webtool: the model of return for dice is tired webtool: desinging clever coins would distract from the dev’s Caribbean lifestyle neboyshaG L0: whats taking placewith lisk wallet?neboyshaG L0: any info when mantiance will be done?Archxxangel: webtool, your thoughts on Yotra?sagar786 L0: dice coin any upgrade qwrist: What is using dice? Can I exchange or trade it for Btc?Sendros1 L0

: hi ichigosa: sagar786, no ichigosa:

qwrist, no Sendros1 L0: I Withdraw LTC from this exchange to Binance up till now I am yet to be credited on Binance, please how can support assist me, i have already fill the support ticket.Waltee L1: Sendros1, have you asked Binance for help?dominikherzog: Sendros1, withdrawal total.6+verifications neboyshaG L0: dominik

shahidmlk L0: snm

NAGARAJ412 L1: how can i withdraw my dice coins?etoilefilante L0: how about xvg Huemai L0: Can you help me. My yobit account is frozen. I actually expect

your help. thanks yobit kukidada L0: mine eth withdraw in process from 4 hours neboyshaG L0: LISK wallet under mantiance??? Any details the length of time this take time?sagar786 L0: i already have yobit acccount how to collect 1700$plzz hwlp sagar786 L0: i currently have yobit acccount how to gather 1700$plzz aid sagar786 L0: any one K9crypts: 1700 usd little

cash i want more Waltee L1: sagar786, Its not$ 1700 its 1700 DLRS, worth about 0.00001 cent.