If you want to invest in stocks and achieve success, you need to do your analysis. To assist your analysis, this report provides you numerous insights from previous 10-year performance of Apple Inc (AAPL) stock in NASDAQ exchange.


After reading this report, you will understand the average yearly return of Apple Inc (AAPL) stock and the efficiency compared to broader market indices. Additionally, you will see the relative efficiency versus comparable stocks.This report has 6 sections that will assist you get important insights concerning Apple Inc (AAPL)stock’s previous 10-year history.Note: We will update this report at most every month or

at least every quarter( there can be exceptions ). The information variety used to create this report is between 2011-02-04 and 2021-02-01. Below is a table of contents to assist you browse in between the sections

. AAPL Stock’s Rate Graph & Average Annual Return How Apple Inc(AAPL) Stock Performed

  1. Versus The Entire Stock Exchange How Apple Inc(AAPL)Stock
  2. Performed Against Big Cap Stocks AAPL Stock Vs Comparable Market
  3. Cap Stocks 10 Biggest One-Day Gains 10 Biggest One-Day Losses 1 AAPL Stock’s Rate Graph & Average Yearly
  4. Return AAPL 10-Year Rate
  5. Chart: Below is a chart showing closing costs of Apple Inc(AAPL )for the past ten years. The below chart utilizes adjusted close rather of market close rates.( Changed close consider business or institutional level actions outside the market

    .) Average Annual Return: Presume you had actually invested in AAPL stock on 2011-02-04. Presume you had actually stayed invested for ten years through 2021-02-01. Then the typical yearly return can be calculated utilizing the formula shown below.R=100 x [(EP/SP)^ 1/10 -1] where, EP- AAPL price

    at 2021-02-01=134.14 SP-

    AAPL price at 2011-02-04=10.6753 and R represent the yearly return.If we substitute the worths, we will have the ability to discover the R-value as follows. R=100 x [(134.14/ 10.6753) 1/10-1]=28.8% The(above)calculated

    return represents the previous 10-year history of Apple Inc (AAPL ). If you would like to know the returns for the ongoing year (2021)go to the, 2021 efficiency report of AAPL stock.

    Note: We haven’t factored in the dividends( if any )in the above calculation. We have actually utilized geometric mean to calculate the average annual return. A Fascinating

    Concern: If you had invested 1000 $in AAPL ten years earlier, just how much your financial investment would have grown by now? We simply found the yearly return to be 28.8%Greater%. For that reason, your investment now would be 12564.89$.

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  6. How Apple Inc (AAPL)Stock Performed Against The Entire Stock Exchange You need to not evaluate a stock in seclusion. Rather, you will benefit more if you assess the performance versus broad indices and similar stocks.This area

    compares how AAPL performed relative to the NASDAQ composite index.(You can think of NASDAQ composite index as a reflection of the whole stock market.)Listed below chart compares 10-Year returns of Apple Inc(AAPL )vs NASDAQ composite. The blue line represents

    AAPL stock while red represents the NASDAQ composite. Both the lines represent the percentage changes in the particular costs gradually.

    Company Call 10 -Year Return( %)Apple Inc(AAPL )28.8%NASDAQ (IXIC)15.47%Thus, Apple Inc (AAPL )has returned 86%Higher compared to NASDAQ composite. Tweet This ADVERTISEMENT 3

    How Apple Inc (AAPL)Stock Performed Versus Large Cap Stocks Apple Inc( AAPL)is a Large cap stock.(A Large-cap stock has a market assessment of Over $10 billion USD. )Listed below area compares how Apple Inc(AAPL)has actually carried out compared to other Large-cap stocks in general. We have compared the closing prices of Apple Inc(AAPL)versus the Dow Jones Large Cap(DWL)index. Business Call 10 -Year Return (% )Apple Inc(AAPL )28.8%Dow Jones Large Cap(DWL)11.38%

    Therefore, Apple Inc

    (AAPL) has actually returned 153% Greater compared to Dow

    Jones Large Cap(DWL). Tweet This 4 AAPL Stock Vs Comparable Market Cap Stocks Below area compares how Apple Inc (AAPL

    )has carried out versus other companies with comparable Market Capitalization. We have actually compared the closing prices of Apple Inc( AAPL)against the Amazon.com, Inc. (AMZN), Alphabet Inc.(GOOG)stocks.

    Company Name 10- Year Return (%)
    Apple Inc (AAPL) 28.8%
    Amazon.com, Inc. (AMZN )34.24

    %Alphabet Inc. (GOOG) 13.06% Hence, AAPL has returned 16 %Lower compared to Amazon.com, Inc.(AMZN ). AND 121

    % Higher compared to Alphabet Inc. (GOOG). 5 10

    Biggest One-Day Gains Note: * Last two sections utilize close and not adjusted close. Understanding most significant one-day gains helps one to visualize the volatility of a stock. These days normally reflect a high volume of purchasing due to factors like great earnings.Below table reveals 10 biggest one-day gains of Apple Inc(AAPL)stock. The table likewise notes the dates to help you examine what could have triggered the price motion. Date Open Close Gain%2015-08-24 94.87 103.12 8.70%2020-02-28 257.26 273.36 6.26% 2018-12-26 148.3 157.17 5.98%2020-03-02 282.28 298.81 5.86

    %2012-04-17 578.94 609.7 5.31%2018-02-06 154.83

    163.03 5.30 %2020-09-21 104.54 110.08 5.30

    %2012-05-21 534.5 561.28 5.01 %
    2020-03-13 264.89 277.97 4.94%

    2020-03-26 246.52 258.44 4.84 %Below is a graph of the biggest one-day gains of Apple Inc (AAPL). For evaluating patterns,

    some investors provide more value to gains and losses over a 52 week period than longer periods like ten years. If you also believe so, take a look at the 52

    weeks report for AAPL. 6 10 Most Significant One-Day Losses Let us now see 10 most significant one-day losses of Apple Inc(AAPL) stock. Note: Generally, losses check investor emotions. Many sell at the wrong time

    due to fear of loss. These are days when financiers would have lost most. Date Open Close Loss%2020-03-20 247.18 229.24 -7.26%
    2015-08-25 111.11 103.74 -6.63
    %2020-09-10 120.36 113.49 -5.71% 2012-12-05 568.91 538.792 -5.29%2012-04-16 610.06 580.13 -4.91%2020-09-03 126.91 120.88 -4.75%
    2020-03-03 303.67 289.32 -4.73%
    2020-09-02 137.59 131.4 -4.50%
    2020-07-23 387.993 371.38 -4.28%2020-02-25 300.95
    288.08 -4.28%Below is a graph of the most significant one-day portion
    losses of Apple Inc(AAPL). Conclusion: Hopefully, the above report assists you find out about the previous ten-year efficiency of Apple Inc(AAPL )shares. Kindly use the areas listed below to recommend corrections or enhancements to the report. Advised Reading: Some financiers prefer dividend paying business. If you are one, take a look at the AAPL dividend history.Disclaimer: We have actually validated the information to the best of our knowledge.
  7. If you discover information inaccuracies kindly let us know using the contact type so that we can act promptly.