After an excellent 2020 and a promising start to 2021, Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) shareholders have actually had a rough couple of months. From Jan. 26 (right prior to the company reported record profits) to early March, AAPL stock dropped 19%. It’s been rallying for the previous three weeks, but on April 20, we may see the driver that kicks it back into growth mode. Apple has actually revealed its “Spring Loaded” occasion.

Source: WeDesing/ Here’s what to anticipate from this year’s first Apple event when it begins at 1 p.m. EST on Tuesday, April 20.

5 Products to Increase AAPL Stock: Refreshed iPads

Apple has been a lot more focused on its iPad lineup over the past numerous years, which attention has paid off. After years of sliding sales, Apple started to buy the iPad lineup. That paid off with an 11.5% year-over-year increase in iPad revenue in fiscal year 2020.

On Tuesday, Apple is extensively expected to display new iPad Pro designs equipped with Mini-LED displays, brand-new quick A14 processors, optional 5G and perhaps a Thunderbolt port. The upgrades would make the iPad Pro incredibly effective, with a more brilliant display and faster wired connectivity to peripherals. Dripped images of a third-generation Apple Pencil stylus to accompany the brand-new iPads have likewise been making the rounds. AirPods 3

No other item has moved the AAPL stock needle the method iPhones have. But those will not be announced till September (the last iPhone launch was just kept in October 2020).

Nevertheless, another release has had a large impact on Apple income in recent years: AirPods. The cordless earbuds came out of no place to control the cordless earphone industry. In 2019, it was estimated that if AirPods were a standalone company, it would rank at number 384 on the Fortune 500. Apple has just grown that company since then.

Among the most fiercely anticipated items at the Spring Loaded Event are third-generation AirPods.

Air Tags

Apple has a practice of studying other app and accessory makers, then launching its own variations of popular offerings. Indications are pointing to that fate befalling Tile, the maker of popular Bluetooth tracking tags for mobile phones.

Indications (including leaked model devices) have actually been indicating Apple launching its own variation, dubbed “Air Tags.” The Apple variation would make the most of exclusive technology, consisting of the U1 ultra wide-band chip for precision location down to the inch and the end-to-end encryption utilized by Apple’s “Find My” area tracking feature.

All-New iMacs

Apple’s iMac all-in-one desktop PC has been mostly unchanged for many years. However, it might be the next Apple computer to get the M1 processor upgrade– plus an all-new design.

Apple dumped Intel (NASDAQ:INTC) processors in new MacBook Air and MacBook Pro models last fall. Rather, the business used its own M1 chips, which were considerably more powerful and battery-efficient. Those brand-new MacBooks– together with the pandemic– helped Apple to accomplish almost 50% year-over-year Mac sales in Q4 2020. In its most current quarter, Apple reported Mac division income of $9.03 billion, up 29%.

The rumor mill is persuaded that the company will unveil all-new iMacs at Tuesday’s Apple occasion. Apple might likewise be relying on a proven strategy of utilizing color to goose up sales, in addition to making the switch to the powerful M1 processor. We might see new iMacs that look like large iPad Pros mounted on stands, with aluminum shells offered in a variety of colors. Display size might be increasing with the reduction of bezels, with 24-inch and 30-inch or 32-inch variations being recommended (compared to the current offering of 21.5 inches and 27 inches).

Supporting that theory, the iMac has actually been seeing stock run low at Apple Stores– suggesting the business is clearing stock out to give way for new variations. In addition, the iMac Pro was discontinued completely in March.

The shift to the M1 processor and the boost it uses to Mac computer systems is bad news for Intel, however it could show to be a real catalyst for AAPL stock growth in 2021.

Long Shot: A New Apple TV?

The Apple TV 4K set-top streamer is getting long in the tooth and remains costly compared to the competition. The most affordable model goes for $179, compared to under $50 for 4K streamers from competitors like Roku (NASDAQ:ROKU). Apple has actually likewise stopped its HomePod smart speaker, leaving the business with only the HomePod Mini.

Speculation has actually been growing that Apple is planning a new Apple TV, but one that’s integrated in a soundbar. This relocation would permit the business to release a premium product, while validating the cost with its multiple functions. Doing so would put a larger HomePod speaker back in the lineup. An enhanced streaming experience would also assist to move more Apple TV+ subscriptions. One tip turned up in a recent tvOS beta, which appeared to reference a brand-new Apple TELEVISION remote.

A new Apple TV is a long shot for Tuesday, but it’s definitely a possibility. You can also anticipate to see mention of spring-themed devices, fresh colors for Apple Watch bands or iPhone cases.

Apple will be streaming the Spring Loaded event beginning at 1 p.m. on April 20. Watch out to see all of Apple’s new equipment showed off onstage. And watch on AAPL stock as the market responds to what the company reveals.

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