What Took place to the Lucid Motors Stock Rate Today?

Source: T. Schneider/ Shutterstock.com Shares of electrical car maker Lucid Motors– which is combining with Churchill Capital Corp IV(NYSE: CCIV

  • )– skyrocketed on Monday with CCIV stock popping more than 10%. There are rumors running around the web that Lucid Motors may end up structure EVs for Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL).
  • Why It Took place

    • The web thinks that Lucid Motors and Apple are interacting to develop a brand-new class of super-cool electrical lorries.
    • This belief stems primarily from two things.
    • One, when asked in a current interview whether Apple had approached Lucid Motors, Lucid’s CEO declined to comment– which, in business speak, almost normally suggests “yes”.
    • 2, Apple’s legendary previous chief designer– Jony Ive– is on the board at Lucid.
    • On hope that the two are working together, CCIV stock popped.

    Does It Matter?

    • Lucid Motors and Apple might be collaborating. But, in our viewpoint, it does not really matter if the reports hold true or not.
    • The fact that individuals are even rather thinking the reports speaks to simply how much talent is at Lucid Motors.
    • Apple is the biggest tech business worldwide. They don’t work with anybody. They only deal with the best. Had a rumor sparked up that some no-name EV company and Apple were interacting, the market would not have actually believed it, due to the fact that it’s unbelievable.
    • The market believes Lucid Motors/Apple rumors, since they’re credible– and they’re credible due to the fact that Lucid Motors has the most skilled team of managers, engineers, and designers in the EV area outside of maybe Tesla (NASDAQ:TSLA).
    • This unrivaled confluence of skill will do something unique. Whether or not that “something unique” is construct automobiles for Apple remains to be seen. But, long-lasting, Lucid Motors will do something unique.
    • In our opinion, we see Lucid Motors unseating Tesla as the leader in the premium EV category in the very first half of the 2020s, and by the back-half of the 2020s, becoming a formidable second-fiddle to Tesla along the whole EV cost chain.
    • Long-lasting, this is the next Tesla.

    CCIV Stock Price Projection

    • When it comes to CCIV stock, execution threats remain big.
    • Lucid Motors still needs to scale production, secure its supply chain, broadens its retail footprint, and far more. A lot can go wrong in between now, and the business offering millions of vehicles a year– certainly, so much can go wrong that Lucid Motors may never arrive.
    • But, if management executes, this company will be big, and CCIV stock will be a multi-bagger.
    • We believe management can execute. This group is skilled enough, clever enough, and diverse sufficient to manage through execution risks over the next few years.
    • That’s why we are huge long-lasting followers in CCIV stock.

    We are 100% positive that electric lorries will totally change gas-powered by cars by 2040, thanks to enhancing EV innovation, falling battery costs, moving consumer need to environment-friendly items and increasing supply of EVs.

    But– even as huge electrical automobile bulls– we acknowledge that the majority of the EV startups in the market today will declare bankruptcy.

    Simply look at what happened with the emergence of gas-powered cars and trucks in the early 1900s. About 500 car business emerged from 1900 to 1910. By 1930, less than 50 were still in operation– and only three them of managed 80% of the marketplace.

    The EV Transformation will play out likewise. There are hundreds upon numerous EV business out there. Most of them will stop working over the next years. However the ones that are successful will turn into big winners.

    Lucid Motors will be one of the ones that prospers– and CCIV stock will be a 10X winner as a result.

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    On the date of publication, Luke Lango did not have (either directly or indirectly) any positions in the securities mentioned in this post.

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