We are now less than 2 weeks far from election day in the United States. Yesterday, I talked about what might matter to Apple and its investors if Donald Trump wins. Today, is it time to look at the flip side of the coin and consider a Democratic victory instead.Once again, I think that the 2 key subjects of conversation coming out of the White Home that could impact Apple the most are trade and antitrust. This is true, in my view, were Trump or Biden to end up being President for the next 4 years.As a fast pointer, the CNN”Poll of Polls “currently suggests that candidate Joe Biden may have an easy win in November. His lead over President Donald Trump has actually reached 11 portion points (see listed below). CNN Easier on trade?Apple is highly depending on China on the need and supply sides. Not just is the area a big consumer market, it is likewise house to almost half of Apple’s top suppliers.Due to Donald Trump’s combative method to trade policy in the Far East, Apple has accidentally become a target of the Chinese federal government– a position that the Cupertino company would rather not remain in. More specifically, after the US declared war versus Chinese tech company Huawei, China threatened to put Apple in its”unreliable entity list”. Would Joe Biden take a different technique

on the matter? As the Japan Times has noted:”On the campaign path to date, Biden has offered little information on how he ‘d deal with China’s economic ascent– possibly to preserve maximum versatility need to he win the election.”In my view, US-China relations will stay adversarial, despite who takes control of the executive branch of the United States government. However, Trump’s trade policy has actually been highly criticized, particularly his use of tariffs as the main tool of coercion.While it is tough to know for sure whether Biden would approach the China problem with fresh eyes, I believe that Apple would gain from a less antagonistic technique to deal with the second largest economy in the world. The chances of this occurring would probably be greater under a Biden administration.Harsher on antitrust?While I see Democrats handling the trade issue in a manner that might favor Apple more, the reverse might happen when it concerns antitrust.To be fair, the war against Big Tech

and their supremacy in the market seems to be a bipartisan effort. However the Democratic party seems more devoted to the cause, while Republicans appear more concerned with”anticonservative bias” than anything else.Consider Dem Agent David N. Cicilline. He is the chair of the House Antitrust Subcommittee, which in turn has more Democratic( 8 members)than Republican(5 members)representation. According to Politico: “Chair David Cicilline(D-R.I.) told guests at a financially rewarding virtual Biden-Harris fundraiser Monday night that he anticipates their administration would take on tech market concentration.”It is unclear, nevertheless, whether Joe Biden would make antitrust a major policy theme. The subject does not turn up among the candidate’s list of “vibrant ideas”. It might assist that(1) the Biden-Harris ticket a minimum of seems less extreme on the Huge Tech issue than Elizabeth Warren or Bernie Sanders might have been, and(2)Kamala Harris, a Senator from Silicon Valley’s home state, born in the Bay Area, seems to have a friendly relationship with the market. Some have even argued that a Democratic win in November”could benefit Amazon and Big Tech on antitrust”. Do you have a viewpoint on this subject? Leave your comment below!Looking to develop a killer portfolio?The Apple Maven likewise hosts a neighborhood of curious investors wanting to construct a market-beating development portfolio. Up until now, the flagship All Equities Storm-Resistant Growth(SRG)technique has actually produced more than 20%in yearly returns given that creation– at no more than market-like levels of risk.If you are interested in exploring stocks beyond Apple and the technology

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