Author: Haru Takahashi


“”height=” 0″width=”0″ > Eth Additional Info Faction: The Bold Racial Leader: The Eth are a people of People originating in the south who when ruled a powerful empire, but are now lowered to a nomadic life in the desert. Today they have adapted to the harsh conditions of the southern deserts by ending up being…

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Tesla Model 3 review|DrivingElectric

Car typeDriving varietyWallbox charge timeFast charge timeElectric278-360 miles8hrs-11hrs 45mins (0-100%, 7.4 kW)22mins (10-80%, 250kW)The Tesla Model 3, as the name may suggest, was the third of the brand’s designs to show up in the UK and Europe. First came the costly Design S — an impressively achieved but pricey electrical car. Tesla then released the…

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