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!!!**BTCC Darshan Message from BTCC President**!!!

Dear Devotees and supporters of the temple,

After long waited COVID-19 Situation, considering the Govt Norms for opening the worship places, BTCC will be opening for Devotees to visit and seek darshan from 5/23/2020 onwards in a limited way.  For the safety of Priest and Devotees, the visitors should adhere to the Following Norms.

1.     Temple will be open for Devotees only Saturday and Sunday between 11:30 AM to 1.30 PM and 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM only for Darshan.

2.     If the visitor is sick (Cough / sore throat, sneezing etc.,) for the last 24 Hours or had a Fever (Temperature), please do not visit the temple.

3.     At a time in the Temple there should not be more than 10 People. If the 11thperson enters into the temple the first entered devotee should leave completing their darshan.

4.     All the devotees should wear Nose/Mouth Face Mask while entering the temple and for the time they remain in the temple and should maintain the 6 feet social distance between pujari and other devotees.

5.     As to allow as many Devotees to have darshan and to follow the guidelines of limiting to 10 people at a time,  the darshan time is restricted to a maximum of 15 minutes for the devotee.

6.     Please enter the temple via main Glass doors.

7.     At the entrance a volunteer will provide sanitizer for cleaning the hands, and please complete the log sheet at that time.

8.     Please do not bring any cooked items as Prasad. If desired, devotee can bring fruits for offering to God and fruits should be kept on the table in front of the deities, and     after  completing the darshan, devotees are required to take back all the fruits that they brought.

9.     Pandit ji / Poojari will do only Archana if devotees want to do, but there will be no distribution of either Prasad or Theertham by Panditji. Please maintain the social distance  of ” 6″ feet between the devotee and the priest.

10.   After the Darshan Devotees should leave the temple place immediately, any kind of Socialization in the premises of the temple is not allowed.

11.   Once you leave the temple and go to your car, please follow the personal hygiene process you have been following.

12.   Please do not bring any Flowers or Flower Bunches to offer at Temple.

If you need any further clarifications please Contact below:

Suresh Manukonda – 304-276-7669

Thank you for visiting the Bharatitya Temple and Cultural Center’s (BTCC) web site. While you are here, please feel free to browse all areas of the site.

!!!General Donations towards Temple Support and Operations – 3 easy ways to donate!!! :

(1) In Person-Check to BTCC!!!

(2) ACH Authorization: Direct transfer from bank to bank-Use below ACH Form!!!

(3)  Online – Click on Donate button as below to donate using any of your credit/debit card or paypal account using secure paypal payment gateway!!!

Dear Devotees,

BTCC ACH Authorization Form 

BTCC ACH Cancellation Form

BTCC is supported by all Devotees, to have a streamlined donations process, BTCC has made arrangements with the bank to process automatic ACH Transfer from bank to bank in a secured way.

We are requesting all BTCC Supports and Devotees to donate  a dollar (30 Dollars a month)  / 0.50 cents (15 Dollars a month)  a day to have BTCC smooth operations.  If you are interested to donate  a dollar / 0.50 cents a day, please download the attached ACH form and fill the same and send back to BTCC Address:  3050 N Cleveland Rd, Lexington, KY 40516

Alternatively you can fill the form and take a picture and text to BTCC Treasurer Phone: 8594925082

Whenever you want to withdraw this regular donation deduction from your account you can submit the cancellation form in the same manner.  Both ACH Authorization and Cancellation forms can be available on BTCC Website too.

All the accepted ACH donations will deduct from the accounts on 10th of every month.

Looking towards all your support by registering the donations.

Thank you for your continued support as we go through the tough situation together and have no doubts as a community we will raise and emerge stronger. 


What is BTCC?
BTCC serves the dual purpose as that of a religious center and of a cultural center. We provide a religious and cultural organization, establish a permanent place of worship, promote peace, love, justice, truth, harmony, friendship, and goodwill among people. The purpose of the center is to enrich our children of Indian culture and heritage.

Necessity for a Temple
A temple is a center for realizing God, it inspires a higher way of life, is a palace of paramount peace, teaches us to respect one another, and sustains the higher values of culture. Temples and images remind us to renew our renunciation and dedication from day to day.

Visitor Information
If you are going to be in the Lexington area, please feel free to stop by and visit our temple.

Temple Timing Read the beginning Temple is open for Darshan only on saturday and sunday between 12:00 PM to 1:30 PM and 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM 

QR Code of BTCC KY Calendar for Year 2020

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