How can small businesses work together with huge customers and form powerful collaborations that make great things occur?

For our third season of Break Free B2B Marketing video interviews, we’re featuring conversations with leading B2B influencers, and analyzing the problems that each topic professional is prominent about in their specialized industry.

2020 was a difficult year for entrepreneur, and 2021 hasn’t rather been the return to regular many had actually imagined. In 2020 profits were down, tension was up, and everybody was questioning how they were going to not just endure, but flourish, in the coming year.

These worries were more real for small business owners than anyone else. After all, when you own a small business, you’re not paid for the same defenses or alternatives that bigger companies might have. You have to be wise, versatile, and ruthless in your pursuit of your objectives.

Nobody comprehends this struggle much better than Ramon Ray, creator of Smart Hustle Media. In truth, he’s constructed his individual success around his specialist ability to anticipate and promote the needs of small companies and assist them raise their brand name to the next level.

He’s a keynote speaker, business owner, best selling author, and the next guest on our Break Free B2B Marketing video interview series.

In the energetic and entertaining twelfth and last episode of our third season, Ramon took a seat with our content marketing manager Nick Nelson to explore a fascinating variety of topics surrounding how little and big organizations can believe huge together.

Ramon likewise shared how B2B influencers are bringing a face, a voice, reliability, and heat to big brand names, and why it’s crucial to be nimble, svelte, and artistically nimble.

Take a look at the video below or listen to the podcast, to hear Ramon’s special insight on believing big, constructing trust, and small business accomplishment in 2021 and beyond.

Break Free B2B Interview with Ramon Ray

If you have an interest in checking out a particular part of our discussion, you can discover a fast general outline below, as well as a few excerpts that stood out to us.

  • :40– Introduction to Ramon Ray
  • 2:08– Where do things currently stand for small companies after the obstacles of 2020?
  • 4:16– Interesting methods small companies are adapting
  • 5:17– “Threading a cautious needle”
  • 9:10– What can bigger companies gain from the success of little ones?
  • 10:47– Running and participating in virtual occasions
  • 11:55– Can big organizations reclaim the “scrappy start-up” energy SMBs possess?
  • 13:50– Small businesses should not pigeonhole themselves with small clients
  • 16:51– New technology innovations for small businesses?
  • 18:08– Ramon’s book, Star CEO
  • 20:30– How to carve out your niche as an influencer
  • 24:28– How to connect with Ramon

Ramon: Where I see things are the future, I hope it’s brilliant, however it’s kind of like a storm on a ship. Some have actually lost their lives. 10, 20, 30, or 100 people. Now the 70 of us that are here, we’ve got to proceed and build new lives. That’s kind of how I see it: not forgetting the others, however you develop on and move on. I hope that all those listening, the most significant takeaway I discovered is simply that. We keep stating the brand-new typical. But that’s what I hope everybody understands: this is a brand name brand-new game. It’s brand name new, and we’re never returning. Marketing is different. Marketing is different, and I believe we found out that we’ll be fine.

“Those who can be as niche, narrow, truthful, reputable, and authentic to their audience are going to win.”– Ramon Ray @ramonray #BreakFreeB 2B Click To Tweet

Nick: Yeah, that’s terrific perspective. You understand– stay true to yourself, and be vibrant on that front– however don’t do not get gimmicky. You understand that it’s not the time for that. When you discuss a few of the successes and the way these obstacles in the small company sector are being gotten rid of, what do you see as crucial developments and things that even bigger companies might be able to gain from?

Ramon: I think speed is the biggest thing. I had my Make It Through and Grow Summit– and I talked with the CEO of School of Rock, and lots of others, but it’s just one that comes to mind telling me how they had the ability to pivot on a penny. People were utilized to coming into a retail store. Oh, we still have teachers. We still have trainees. They still want training to be rock stars, as it were. Let’s established iPads and make it virtual. It sounds “duh,” however for a larger business that requires time and thought. My point is that I think that’s the greatest lesson discovered I can give to these bigger brands, is that we small businesses, on a dime, this thing falls behind me. Me and Nick will laugh about it and say see falling stock costs as an example. And we’ll keep moving. You can’t let that hold you hostage is what I’m trying to say. I think the most significant thing small companies can do is be active.

“I believe the most significant thing small companies can do is be nimble.”– Ramon Ray @ramonray #BreakFreeB 2B Click To Tweet

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