Eventually this year, Apple Inc. (NASDAQ: AAPL) will reveal its next game-changing item, setting off the start of yet another huge price rally.You’ll wish to purchase Apple stock prior to that happens.

In spite of Apple’s legendary secrecy, precise info about products the company is working on does leak out. This is especially real the more detailed the item gets to its release date.It’s part of my job to keep a close eye on all the Apple reports, leakages, and forecasts (I don’t mind a bit, by the way).

Of all the big tech stocks, none is the object of more speculation than Apple. So there’s a lot of noise out there mixed in with those rare golden bits that in fact give financiers valuable insight into Apple’s future prospects.As an Apple expert

, fan, and customer given that 1985, I have a pretty good concept of what makes the business tick. Experience has actually taught me to view the numerous reports with skepticism– and how area the couple of with genuine potential.

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By submitting your e-mail address you will get a totally free subscription to Cash Early morning and occasional special deals from Money Map Press and our affiliates. You can unsubscribe at any time and we motivate you to learn more about our privacy policy.Thank you for subscribing! Check your email to access your free report.The leak I’m talking about is almost certainly Apple’s next major product category, and the very first for the tech giant since the launching of the Apple Watch in 2014. Before the end of 2021, we’re going to see something called “Apple Glass “– increased reality eyeglasses.This details comes from respected Apple leaker Jon Prosser, who publishes what he

learns in his own”Front Page Tech “YouTube channel.According to the AppleTrack website, Prosser is the 6th most accurate leaker of Apple news, with a 79.2%

accuracy rate.And his report on Apple Glass is surprisingly detailed. Before I go into the implications of this product, let’s discuss Prosser’s report …

Here’s All the Leaked Info on Apple Glass One the interesting aspects of Prosser’s Apple Glass video is that he didn’t just report some dripped functions from an insider. He says he saw the gadget himself. And his description has lots of information that support that claim.Another thing that struck me was that Prosser made no extravagant claims for a crazy-looking, futuristic gadget. In fact, his mundane description of how Apple Glass will look was one of the important things that proved out to

me.According to Prosser, Apple Glass will not stick out at all. The gadget will basically appear like routine spectacles. Only the user will see the AR information. SPECIAL: Buy THIS, Not That Discover the 5 BEST stocks to buy in 2021 and dozens of popular stocks to prevent at all expenses. SPECIAL: Purchase THIS, Not That Discover the five BEST stocks to purchase in 2021 and lots of popular stocks to prevent at all costs.And get this: If you wear eyeglasses, Prosser states you’ll have the ability to get an Apple Glass variation of your prescription.Prosser also said Apple glass will use LIDAR instead of a conventional camera. LIDAR represents Light Detection and Ranging, and is among the technologies used in self-driving cars.To me, these two details fit well with what I would anticipate from Apple here. Remember the two most prominent previous efforts at” smart glasses”– Google Glass in 2013 and Snapchat’s Eyeglasses

in 2016. Both tumbled spectacularly.Two of the biggest reasons for their failure were that they looked more dorky than cool which the ever-present electronic cameras raised severe privacy concerns. If Prosser is right, Apple has dealt with

both.Prosser also says Apple Glass will require a paired iPhone to process all the AR data. This also makes good sense, due to the fact that it avoids bulky electronic devices on the device itself and follows the example set by the first model of the Apple Watch.Some other details in the Prosser video: AR display screens will appear on both right and left lenses.The name for the interface is” Starboard,”strikingly comparable to the” Springboard”name for the iPhone’s UI.Users will control it with gestures both on and

in front of the device.AR will not deal with tinted lenses.Glasses will charge wirelessly on a special Apple-provided stand.Price will be a sensible$499 (prescription additional, of course). To me, everything noises exactly like a wearable device Apple would sell.As for the timing, Prosser said Apple very much wishes to reveal this gadget at

  • an event at which the media is present– something pandemic-induced
  • limitations on indoor events has prevented.But presuming Apple Glass is otherwise nearly prepared to launch, I expect to see it either in June at Apple’s yearly
  • Worldwide Developers Conference or– most likely– at the annual brand-new iPhone occasion in
  • September.With Apple’s other services striking on
  • all cylinders, another major product classification like Apple Glass will provide the fuel to drive yet another Apple stock rate rally– this time to$200 and beyond.Why Apple Glass Will Be a Hit I believe Apple Glass will progress into a significant company over the next 3 to five years, similar to the Apple Watch prior to it.The Apple Watch began with so-so sales in 2015 and 2016. The tech and financial media declared it a failure(I disagreed, naturally). Apple Watch system sales grew from 10 million in 2016(its first complete year)to 43 million last year, according to FactSet data. The Apple Watch also produced $13.89 billion in revenue in FY 2020– more than such widely known companies as Kellogg Co. (NYSE: K ), MGM Resorts International( NYSE: MGM), and U.S. Steel Corp.(NYSE: X). I anticipate Apple Glass revenue to follow a similar trajectory.This matters to investors due to the fact that Apple Glass, as a not-yet-announced item, is not factored into Wall Street’s income and earnings quotes yet.And I do think the gadget will be a success. For one thing, it’s competitively priced. Yes, there are AR smartglasses in

the marketplace today and they’re priced from$380 (Snap Spectacles 3) to$ 900( Vuzix Blade). These competitors do not have Apple’s propensity for creating design (see: common

AirPods)and its dominant brand. Back in 2014 I predicted Apple would dominate wearable tech for simply this reason (it has one-third of the market in a crowded field, more than double its closest rival ). CRITICAL ALERT These 19 popular stocks are like poison for portfolios– if you own these stocks, drop them immediately.

CRITICAL ALERT These 19 popular stocks are like poison

for portfolios– if you own these stocks, drop them immediately. But most of all, they do not have Apple’s unparalleled ecosystem . Apple Glasswill become yet one more piece of the hardware/software/services combination that sets the company apart.While Apple Glass will depend on the iPhone for computing horse power, it will also deal with the iPhone in functioning as an easier way to relay details. As a wearable, I believe Apple Glass will also have some health tracking parts like the Apple Watch.In other words, it will be yet another aspirational Apple product that both links into and enhances the overall ecosystem.But while Apple Glass is the primary factor to buy Apple stock, it’s not the only one. And I’m not simply discussing the renewal of iPhone sales … More Reasons to Purchase Apple Stock Here’s the breakdown: iPhone undervalued(once again): Just recently Apple analysts have actually been rushing to raise their rate targets on the stock as they realize 2021 iPhone sales will be a lot higher than they thought. The 5G upgrade “supercycle “they when dismissed is now a truth. Just 6 months ago the consensus estimate was for fewer than 200 million Phones; now it’s 220 million.I believe quotes

for 2022 are too low also, thanks to one nearly forgotten market: India. After more than a decade of fits and starts, Apple is lastly

poised for huge gains in India, where it has less than 3%of the smart device market. This year Apple will start opening retailers in India;

an online store opened last quarter

. This market uses substantial

capacity, with yearly sales of more than 200 million smartphones and double-digit growth. With more sales channels and a more competitive choice in the iPhone SE, Apple figures to include much more revenue from India over the next few years than a lot of analysts realize.Revenge of the Mac: Apple has started its two-year shift far from Intel Corp. (NASDAQ: INTC)processors to its self-designed M1 chips.

In preliminary tests, the very first wave of M1-based Macs have actually proven simply as fast as Intel-based devices while utilizing less than half the power. For laptop computers, that means double the battery life. That killer feature will draw a flood of new customers to the Mac over the next few years. I think it might double the Mac’s relatively low global market share of 7.6 %within three years, which might include more than$20 billion to Apple’s leading line.Don’t forget healthcare: Apple set its sights on the health care market back in 2019, with CEO Tim Cook declaring that health care would one day be called” Apple’s biggest contribution to mankind.”That’s a magnificent big claim. Therefore far, Apple hasn’t seen a significant

revenue boost from it, conserve for Apple Watch sales. I believe that will alter in the years ahead. Current reports recommend the next version of the Watch will get a non-invasive blood sugar sensor. That would make the Watch an essential device for 10s of countless individuals– with insurance coverage bearing the cost for a lot of them. As I said earlier, the Apple Glass device is likewise most likely to have health care functions. One thing is for sure: Prepare would not have actually made that boast unless he was certain Apple would make good on it. And the potential is enormous. In 2019 Morgan Stanley approximated Apple could gain about $90 billion in fresh yearly earnings from healthcare.Apple Glass VR: In addition to the Apple Glass I’ve explained, Apple is thought to be dealing with a 2nd headset that will utilize virtual reality. This report originates from another trustworthy source, Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman(89.1 %accuracy rate on AppleTrack). This device will more carefully resemble Facebook Inc.’s(NASDAQ: FB) Oculus Rift and have a price tag north of$1,000. It’s expected to be more of a specific niche product, however the high price tag must bring greater margins than Apple typically makes on hardware. Gurman suggests we won’t see this product until 2023 or so.How to Play AAPL Stock Now Apple stock is up 78%over the previous 12 months and 230%over the past three years.It raises the question of how much more upside can there be, even with all the catalysts I have actually discussed here. However I see Apple going to$ 200 by the end of 2022– and after that higher from there.But with the Apple stock rate at$ 142, it’s fairly overbought at the moment. Even at present rates, you’re taking a look at gains of about 40% plus the little 0.57 %dividend yield.While financiers definitely can develop a position here, purchasing (or including more )on a pullback is most likely the best way to play AAPL here. There’s strong support at about $130, so you could set up a limitation purchase about or simply above that price level.The Complete List of Best(and Worst)Stocks for 2021 Wall Street expert Shah Gilani states 2021 could be a gold mine for Americans.He’s revealing his subscribers exactly which stocks to buy and which to sell.But you’re getting it all totally free– no sign-up or charge card required.Prices, tickers, and business names will be coming your method fast.It’s all right here. Follow me on Twitter @DavidGZeiler and Money Early Morning on Twitter and Facebook. Join the conversation. Click on this link to leap to comments …

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