Hey people:-RRB- I’m back with another complete list of partnerships! This time for the popular decentralized public blockchain, smart contract platform, and cryptocurrency project– Cardano (ADA).

In this piece, I dive into all of the partnerships and collaborations I might find for Cardano and give you all the juicy information worth knowing about.

But prior to we dive in, I’ll provide you a quick summary of the open-source Cardano task and ADA cryptocurrency:

Cardano is developing a smart contract platform that aims to be more advanced and more scalable than any blockchain procedure previously developed. It is the very first blockchain platform to progress from a scientific, viewpoint, and a research-first driven approach.

When it comes to ADA, it is the native cryptocurrency of the Cardano blockchain and can be used to make fast, direct, and secure transfers of digital funds. ADA intends to become the future of money and will play an important function in securing the Proof-of-Stake (PoS) Cardano blockchain.

Now that we’re captured up on what Cardano and ADA is, let’s dive into the job’s complete list of collaborations and collaborations.

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Organizations Adding To the Advancement of Cardano

  1. IOHK (Source)
  2. Emurgo (Source)
  3. The Cardano Foundation (Source)

Cardano Partnerships and Collaborations

  1. IBM Research Study (Source)
  2. PwC (Source)
  3. New Balance (Source)
  4. COTI Network (Source)
  5. SIRIN LABS (Source)
  6. Ellipal Hardware (Source)
  7. Konfidio (Source)
  8. Algoz (Source)
  9. Metaps Plus (Source)
  10. Z/Yen Group (Source)
  11. Priviledge (Source)
  12. ScanTrust (Source)
  13. Runtime Verification (Source)
  14. South Korea Government-Approved Trade Associations (Source)
  15. Ethiopian Government (Source)
  16. Georgian Federal Government (Source)
  17. Edinburgh University (Source)

Organizations Adding To the Advancement of Cardano:


(Source)Input Output Hong Kong(IOHK )is a leading cryptocurrency research and development business that is contracted to work on the development of Cardano until 2020. The IOHK company research studies new tools and paradigms for cryptographic research and the architecture of Cardano. It is responsible for actively developing Cardano and finishing all milestones on the Cardano roadmap.

IOHK was established by Charles Hoskinson, who is also among Cardano’s founders. The organization is committed to researching and establishing peer-to-peer developments to provide brand-new financial services to the world. IOHK actively works on both Cardano (ADA)and Ethereum Classic (ETC).

2. Emurgo

(Source )Like IOHK, Emurgo is another crucial partner for Cardano that’s committed to developing, supporting, and growing Cardano’s decentralized blockchain community. Emurgo is an investment-focused company that directly buys Cardano-related startups and develops commercial partners interested in using blockchain technology.

Emurgo helps to drive the adoption of Cardano and includes value to ADA holders by structure, investing in, and recommending projects or companies that adopt Cardano’s decentralized blockchain community. Emurgo uses more than 40 people across 7 nations and plays an important role in the development and success of Cardano.

3. The Cardano Structure

(Source)Like the IOHK and Emurgo partnerships, the Cardano Foundation is a different entity from Cardano however is closely tied to the research, advancement, and adoption of Cardano. The foundation assists to support and grow Cardano’s decentralized blockchain community and has the following objectives:

  • Drive adoption for Cardano
  • Forming legislation and business standards
  • Grow the international Cardano neighborhood
  • Make sure stakeholder responsibility
  • Facilitate Cardano partnerships

The Cardano Structure is based in Switzerland and has the core responsibilities of assisting, supervising, and supervising the development of Cardano and its blockchain community.

Cardano Collaborations and Partnerships:

1. IBM Research study

( Source)January 17, 2020: Charles Hoskinson exposed in a video that Cardano has been working on a software application distribution job with the IBM Research team.

No further details were provided. IBM Research is the research arm of IBM, an American multinational innovation business. IBM Research concentrates on pioneering the most appealing and disruptive technologies consisting of the future of AI, blockchain, and quantum computing. IBM Research is among the world’s largest and most prominent corporate research study labs.

2. PwC

( Source)January 27, 2020: Charles Hoskinson revealed in a Livestream that Cardano will be working with expert services network PriceWaterhouseCoopers (PwC )to create a new commercial technique. Hoskinson said that PwC will be combining research information from Cardano.

PriceWaterhouseCoopers (PwC) is an international expert services network of companies running as partnerships under the PwC brand name. The global network of firms provides world-class guarantee, tax, and seeking advice from services to organizations.

3. New Balance

(Source)Cardano and New Balance have a tactical collaboration which led to the first industrial implementation of its blockchain– as retail customers can now log their purchases of athletic footwear on the Cardano blockchain. All items that are sold by New Balance can now be digitally proven to be authentic.

New Balance is an American brand athletic footwear and sportswear clothing company that was established in 1906. New Balance shoes are offered around the world and the company’s cooperation with Cardano is its first collaboration with blockchain technology.

4. COTI Network

(Source)October 31, 2019: Cardano has teamed up with COTI Network to use an ADA payment processing solution for merchants. COTI Network’s ADA payment service can be incorporated into a site by means of an ADA Pay button or a QR-based point of sale (PoS) system and it will permit merchants to accept near-instant ADA payments that can be settled into 35 fiat currencies.

COTI Network is an enterprise-grade fintech platform that supplies smooth digital payment solutions for companies. COTI empowers organizations to develop their own payment service and digitize any currency to facilitate quick and economical payments.


(Source )February 14, 2018: Cardano and SIREN LABS participated in a strategic partnership that will see that the Cardano blockchain protocol is integrated into the FINNEY smart device and SIRIN OS. Too, Cardano’s ADA cryptocurrency will be offered within the FINNEY cold storage wallet and SIREN LABORATORIES ecosystem.

SIREN LABS is a blockchain technology company that established a premium blockchain smartphone, FINNEY, which features P2P resource sharing, an integrated cold storage crypto wallet, and distributed journal agreement. SIREN LABS likewise developed its own os (OS) committed to safely keeping and handling cryptocurrency in a mobile environment.

6. Ellipal Hardware

(Source)July 3, 2019: Cardano has partnered with Ellipal Hardware for the safe air-gapped hardware wallet with mobile assistance of the ADA cryptocurrency. This was a big collaboration at the time because there were couple of hardware and mobile wallets supporting the ADA cryptocurrency.

Ellipal Hardware is a cryptocurrency wallet business that provides a safe and hassle-free freezer wallet option that works seamlessly with your smart phone. Ellipal’s wallet is air-gapped which indicates it’s totally connection complimentary with security against all remote attacks.

7. Konfidio

(Source)August 15, 2019: Cardano and Konfidio have participated in a strategic partnership to drive blockchain company design platform adoption. Both entities will try to speed up blockchain designs with corporations, little and medium business (SMEs), and governments. The main purpose of this partnership is to make it possible for real-world business cases on the Cardano blockchain.

Konfidio is a business home builder and endeavor accelerator that concentrates on leveraging blockchain technology to construct decentralized applications and service designs for both permissioned and permissionless dispersed systems. The business has a focus on enterprise-grade blockchain services and applications.

8. Algoz

(Source)June 26, 2019: Cardano has actually partnered with Algoz to supply liquidity services and trading services for Cardano’s ADA token. The collaboration has increased ADA’s liquidity and

its accessibility. Algoz is a Fingenom group business that provides tasks, exchanges, and individuals with liquidity options and trading services for crypto properties. Algoz’s mission is to bridge the space in between the established algorithmic trading world and the nascent crypto economy, to make it more progressive, trustworthy and available.

9. Metaps Plus

(Source) May 10, 2018: Cardano secured a major collaboration with Metaps Plus to integrate its ADA cryptocurrency into the MeTaps Plus mobile payments platform. With this collaboration, ADA can now be utilized in over 33,000 offline franchise stores in the Korean market.

Metaps Plus is among the biggest mobile payment platforms in South Korea. The Metaps Plus app services 300,000 everyday active users, achieves 100 million app downloads each year and is partnered with almost 40,000 merchants.

10. Z/Yen Group

(Source)December 5, 2017: Cardano partnered with Z/Yen Group’s Distributed Futures practice as a research study partner on blockchain applications and to assist the development of the Cardano Procedure and its ADA cryptocurrency. The collaboration likewise led to the launch of proof of idea projects and pilot testing.

Z/Yen Group is a leading industrial think tank based in the city of London. The group helps its client organizations make better options that boost their benefit, reduce their threat, and boost certainty. The Z/Yen staff includes 25 full-time staff and over 300 associate professionals.

11. Priviledge

(Source)January 24, 2020: Cardano has actually joined a consortium with the European Union called Priviledge to study decentralized software application updates. By joining this consortium, Cardano will carry out and publish research study on DLT.

Priviledge Consortium focuses on innovative options and the development of dispersed ledger technology (DLT). The consortium includes members from all fields consisting of scientific universities and companies from the sector such as IBM or GuardTime.

12. ScanTrust

( Source)January 21, 2020: Cardano accepted an offer to carry out a Proof-of-Concept integration with ScanTrust. Together, Cardano and ScanTrust will co-develop “Cardano Connector”, which is a blockchain-enabled product provenance and credibility tool.

ScanTrust is a clever packaging services business that digitizes an item’s supply chain by associating physical products with an online identity. ScanTrust makes it possible for business to actively protect their brand name, ended up being supply chain conscious, and drive consumer engagement.

13. Runtime Verification

(Source)December 18, 2017: Cardano provided Runtime Confirmation a research study and development agreement to develop a next-generation virtual device and a universal language structure to be used for future blockchain innovations.

Runtime Confirmation is a University of Illinois start-up established by computer science, Professor Grigore Rosu. The start-up designs formal designs for high-value application domains and then uses these designs to develop domain-specific products and services.

14. South Korea Government-Approved Trade Associations

(Source )August 20, 2019: Cardano has signed a memorandum of understanding with 2 government-approved trade associations in South Korea– Korea Blockchain Contents Association(KBCCA) & Korea Mobile Video Game Association (KMGA). The partnerships will concentrate on carrying out Cardano for Korean digital material and mobile gaming.

The Korea Blockchain Contents Association (KBCCA) and the Korea Mobile Game Association (KMGA) are both authorized by the South Korean Ministry of Science and ICT. South Korea is the fourth-largest mobile video gaming market in the world and also has the greatest smart device penetration rate in the world.

15. Ethiopian Government

( Source)April 30, 2019: Cardano’s IOHK is working with the Ethiopian government to assist them develop a brand-new digital payment system for the nation. Cardano will do this through its Atala job, which is an enterprise blockchain option that helps federal governments in developing nations construct systems for voting, property registration, and supply chain.

The Ethiopian federal government is the first government to be executing Cardano’s Atala blockchain framework for digital payments and likewise plans to integrate the payments system with an identity card.

16. Georgian Federal government

(Source)June 17, 2019: Cardano’s IOHK has secured a partnership with the federal government of Georgia who signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with IOHK. The MoU will see that IOHK carries out Cardano blockchain-enabled tasks across service, education and government services.

Cardano and the Georgian Ministry of Education and Science will collaborate on developing blockchain projects that support fintech companies in the blockchain and digital asset sector.

17. Edinburgh University

( Source)February 24, 2017: Cardano’s IOHK partnered with Scotland’s University of Edinburgh on a new research study laboratory devoted to blockchain innovation. The collaboration will see that undergrads and Ph.D. trainees perform a series of blockchain-related research projects.

The University of Edinburgh is the sixth oldest university in the English-speaking world and is among Scotland’s ancient universities. The university includes 5 main campuses and is thought about to be one of the world’s top universities.

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