There are a few ranges of Facebook Placements that you might or might not have stumbled upon. Facebook as a default sets all ads to Automatic Placement and it’s because of this that you may not have dug any deeper than this. In this blog, you will find out each individual positioning and how they can be used to your advantage for your advertising.Automatic Positioning If you’ve run any kind of marketing in Facebook, it is more than likely that you’ve been using Automatic Placement for your ads. Facebook utilizes 4 various placements, there is the Facebook feed, Instagram feed, Messenger, and Audience Network. Each of these can be found in the Manual Positioning section at the ad set level. Automatic Placement is great for newbies or for getting the most out of a small spending plan if you’re starting out with Facebook marketing, so we recommend using this if you’re simply getting to grips with the platform.Manual Positioning Manual Positioning permits you to have further control of your

spending and the results

that you get. You can pick the platforms where you desire your ads to reveal and each platform includes various functions and costs. Listed below, we will do our finest to break down each platform to discover what is best for you. Though once you have been advertising for a while, we recommend screening each platform separately and compare results. By doing this, you can find which platform works best for your business.Facebook: Quickly one of the best placements, allowing you to show your advertisements on in-stream advertisements, search, in-article, and naturally in Facebook feeds(you can turn any of these off if you wish). This is likely the location where individuals are the most likely to see and click your ads. You’ll discover that your ads will carry out well on Facebook with standard expenses. We tend to set this as the benchmark/middle ground. We recommend leaving this one on.Instagram: Possibly the most pricey platform to run ads, with only two positionings offered that being feeds and stories. From all the tests we’ve run with many if not

all of our customers

we have actually regularly discovered Instagram to be the most pricey. We frequently obtain high CPCs and Certified public accountants, even when utilizing cost caps to bring these down. However, this doesn’t suggest that you need to completely eliminate Instagram as an advertising space as you might find that a large part of your audience utilizes Instagram more than other platforms. As constantly, we recommend to check and see the results you accomplish from this platform. It might be that you might get cheaper CPCs. If you do choose to run both Facebook and Instagram separately, and one is more expensive than the other, it’s finest to reduce the budget for that platform and move it into locations that work better.Audience Network: This can be one of the least expensive platforms to run. Facebook will put your advertisement on external apps and websites depending upon the audience that you have picked. Though your ad won’t be positioned here as often as a Facebook or

Instagram feed, it can still acquire good outcomes with low CPCs. In Advertisements Supervisor you can also recognize the precise website where your ads were shown. To do this you need to select the advertisement you want to check > click ‘See Chart’ on the toolbar on the left > Click ‘Placement ‘> Download Report. This will download an excel spreadsheet with all the website addresses that your advertisements were shown.Messenger: This placement will show at the Messenger Inbox area of the Messenger app and desktop. This can be a mixed bag in regards to performance, though you won’t be able to utilize website traffic goals with this placement. We recommend using this placement for reach ads to accomplish low CPMs. Placements are everything about testing what works for your business, and the more expanded you have your positionings, the more control you will have over your budget plan and costs. Leaving your advertisements on automatic will not affect your advertisements, however if you do decide to split positionings out through numerous advertisement sets, make certain you’re keeping a close eye on them as results and costs can become volatile.Share this post