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Creative production business Infinity Squared has promoted award-winning director Daniel Reisgner to Creative Partner, while Charles Billeh enters the recently created function of Associate Executive Manufacturer. The appointment of Reisginer and promo of Billeh follows a year of substantial growth for the company. Reisinger has been a sought after director at Infinity Squared for over 9 years, directing notable jobs consisting of KFC: Michelin Impossible (via Ogilvy), which won many international awards including two Gold APAC Effies and three Spikes Asia Awards (2 Gold and one Silver). He also directed Tourist Australia’s ‘8D Gets away’ (by means of Linking Plots) which has been seen by over 200+ million people worldwide, along with campaigns for Barbeques Galore, Westinghouse and Fantastic Furnishings. On his visit to Imaginative Partner, Reisinger said: “After nearly 10 years of dating, it’s great to make it official … we’re partners! I’ve been with Infinity Squared given that the first day and I absolutely love the business. Regardless of the obstacles of last year, we still handled to do a few of our finest work– from the extraordinary Tourist Australia ‘8D Gets away’ campaign through to the absurd enjoyable of a job like Primo Roar. I’m back home in Australia for good and really eagerly anticipating growing Infinity Squared and helping cultivate the careers of our next generation of directors.” Meanwhile, Billeh worked as a Producer at Infinity Square for 2 years prior to his recent promo to Executive Partner Manufacturer. During peak COVID-19 in 2020, Billeh transitioned into a company development role and was responsible for the considerable development of the company. Standout work throughout this period includes the award-winning Tourist Australia’s ‘8D Escapes’ campaign, KFC: Michelin Difficult and the United Country’s Walk Free & Minderoo Structure campaign for International Day of the Lady.

Billeh’s brand-new role will see him continue to concentrate on brand-new service and strengthen relationships with Infinity Squared’s customers and partners, while Reisinger will take on tasks to develop out and help diversify the business roster, in addition to continue to elevate the profile of the company.

Billeh stated: “I’m genuinely thrilled about the quality of what we’re outputting, and seeing the level of development we’ve already achieved in the first quarter has been extraordinary. I’m eagerly anticipating expanding our lineup and dealing with a variety of truly gifted and diverse human beings across Australia and beyond.”