Elon Musk revealed that he has actually heard that Bill Gates had a big short position on Tesla (TSLA), and he may have lost a lot of cash on it.

Billionaires Musk and Gates don’t always have recommendations to state about each other, but they do appear to share similar concerns about environment modification.

Nevertheless, Gates made some strange remarks about electrification in 2015, including that electrical trucks, like the Tesla Semi, and electric planes will “probably never ever” work.

In a brand-new interview on the Joe Rogan Experience, Musk was asked about those comments from gates.

Tesla’s CEO reacted:

“He didn’t know what he was speaking about. Probably someone told him that and he is just not that close to the physics of it. I don’t think he is ill-intentioned here, I just believe he does not understand what he is speaking about.”

He added Tesla already has working models of electrical trucks that are carrying cargo– something that we currently pointed out in our original report about Gates’ remark, consisting of the reality that not only Tesla has working electrical semi truck programs, but likewise other automakers like Daimler.

However then Musk revealed that he has heard that Gates was wagering against Tesla with a large brief position:

“I likewise heard that at one point he had a big short position. I do not know if that’s true or not, but it seems strange. Individuals I understand who understand the scenario quite well, I asked them “are you sure?” and they stated “yes, he has a substantial brief position on Tesla”. That didn’t work out too well.”

We have reached out to Gates’ foundation to see if we might get a talk about Musk’s claim, and we will upgrade if we get an answer.

Tesla has actually often been the most shorted stock on the NASDAQ, and individuals who wager versus the electric car manufacturer lost $38 billion in 2020.

Electrek’s Take

This would be surprising to me.

Bill Gates does not seem like the shorting type, however you never ever know. He did have an odd stance on electric vehicles on events, and he does not seem to be a big fan of Elon nor Tesla.

That does not imply that he has actually been betting versus the company however.

I don’t have a real problem with shorting like Elon and some other people recently with what occurred on Reddit and with Robinhood, however when it comes to shorting Tesla, it’s a bit different for me.

I comprehend if you think that the business is misestimated and you want to earn money on a correction, but I feel that wagering against Tesla’s stock is also wagering versus accelerating the electrical transition.

I ‘d hope Bill Gates would not do that.

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