Elon Musk, the tech billionaire set to likely soon end up being the world’s richest male, and one of the most prominent voices on the planet of tech entrepreneurship, continued his recent trend of criticizing Facebook with a Twitter post late Wednesday night, following the tried insurrection by pro-Trump rioters at the U.S. Capitol building. Musk shared a meme recommending the founding of Facebook eventually led to the day’s devastating and shameful events.

Musk, who has himself used his massive reach (he has around 42.5 million fans on Twitter) to spread false information to his many fans, particularly around COVID-19 and its severity, likewise followed that up on Thursday morning with a reply revealing a lack of surprise at WhatsApp’s new Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, which will make sharing data from WhatsApp users back to Facebook necessary for all on the platform.

The Tesla and SpaceX CEO also suggested that individuals rather use Signal, an encrypted messaging customer that uses encryption by default and which is based on open-source requirements. Side-note: If you do wind up following Musk’s recommendations, you ought to also enable the app’s “disappearing messages” feature for an included layer of protection on both ends of the discussion.

Musk has a long history of opposing making use of Facebook, consisting of the deletion of not simply his own individual page, but also those of both Tesla and SpaceX, in 2018 during the initial #deletefacebook campaign following the discovery of the Cambridge Analytica scandal.