Tesla electric automobiles can now be bought with popular cryptocurrency bitcoin, joining the growing ranks of leading business using the currency, Tesla CEO Elon Musk revealed on Twitter Wednesday morning.You can now buy a Tesla with Bitcoin– Elon Musk(@elonmusk)March 24, 2021″You can now purchase a Tesla with bitcoin,”Musk tweeted in a thread early Wednesday. Currently just offered as an option in the US, Musk tweeted that “Pay by Bitcoin capability readily available outdoors US later this year. “Pay by Bitcoin ability offered outside United States later on this year– Elon Musk(@elonmusk )March 24, 2021 Bitcoin’s

cost has increased nearly 4 percent to$56,530 since that tweet was released

. Previous tweets from Musk relating to popular cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin and Dogecoin have actually produced comparable outcomes, with Tesla’s February financial investment announcement assisting skyrocket bitcoin to a record high nearing$62,000. In early February, Tesla had announced it purchased$1.5 billion in bitcoin, while likewise exposing that in the near future the business

would be taking the cryptocurrency as payment.Musk likewise exposed in his tweets that Bitcoins accepted by Tesla would not transformed to traditional currencies unlike other companies such as AT&T and Microsoft Corp which, according to Reuters, uses special payment processors to convert bitcoin into typical currencies. Musk tweeted that”Tesla is utilizing just internal & open source software & runs Bitcoin nodes directly.”Tesla is utilizing just internal & open source software application & operates Bitcoin nodes directly.Bitcoin paid to

Tesla will be kept as Bitcoin, not converted to fiat currency.– Elon Musk(@elonmusk)March 24, 2021 Other business followed Tesla’s lead after their investment

statement in February, with business such as MasterCard Inc and Bank of New York City Mellon Corp accepting the cryptocurrency, while other business such as Uber and General Motors Co are thinking about taking payment at this time.