Hashtags started as content-classification and grouping tools on Twitter. But, their application has expanded by miles ever since. Today, social media projects are insufficient without hashtags.

Nevertheless, few social media pros understand the significance of hashtag tracking.

Sound familiar?

If you’re one of those online marketers who’s not using hashtags tactically, your marketing efforts may not yield the desired outcomes. Contrary to common belief, just stuffing hashtags into posts isn’t sufficient to propel reach, engagement, or popularity on social networks. In reality, using the wrong hashtags might be counter-productive to your campaigns in the long term.

To discover, in detail, about the hashtag-tracking procedure and metrics that matter, read this post thoroughly.

Hashtag tracking: A 3-step strategy to do it effectively

If hashtag tracking sounds too technical or complex, you remain in for a pleasant surprise. The entire process can be broken down into 3 basic steps, including:

1. Select an unique hashtag

To begin with hashtag tracking, you require to craft an unique campaign hashtag.

Why so?

2 factors:

  • When you incorporate the custom-made hashtag into all of your campaign-related material, all of them appear in the hashtag’s feed. Your hashtag feeds look uncluttered and clean. You can easily see the likes, comments and reshares on each post, without being sidetracked by your other material.
  • If your hashtag is too broad and generic, you can wager it’s being used by other users also. The outcome is that your hashtag feeds will have plenty of unrelated content and campaign tracking will end up being an untidy affair.

So, how do you craft a hashtag that resonates with your project?

If you’re the innovative kind, think about an appealing hashtag for your project. It can be your project’s motto or a hybrid of your project + brand.

If you ‘d rather leave the imaginative jobs to expert authors, opt for that alternative. However method the hiring procedure with care; hire social networks content creators who have experience on these platforms. You do not want to delegate your campaigns to unskilled or unskilled people simply to conserve a couple of bucks. Writers who stand out at social networks writing can craft hashtags for various platforms in minutes.

The problem with working with writers is that you might wind up over-spending.

Then what?

There’s an affordable option I utilize frequently– free hashtag creating tools like Hashtagify. I merely load my campaign specific niche into the tool and I get hundreds of hashtag options to select from.

The options are arranged by projected reach, based upon historical data. I can also browse associated hashtags and filter search results page by campaign place. All in all, I conserve a lot of time (and money) with this technique.

Whatever approach of hashtag generation you use, guarantee that you have a list of hashtag choices ready with you. It’s possible that some of these hashtags are currently in use on your target platforms, which means they won’t be special to your project.

At the end of this action, you ought to be entrusted to 100% unique hashtags that will be integrated into all of your campaign content.

2. Create material for your hashtag

Once you have actually zeroed in on your custom hashtag, it’s time to begin utilizing it in your content. If you’ve hired influencers for campaign promotion, make certain to share your hashtags with them.

At this phase, your aim should be to develop appealing project content and include the hashtag into it. If you currently have content relevant to your project (like YouTube videos, etc.), there’s no requirement to transform the wheel. Simply modify your videos and incorporate the hashtag into your content.

3. Find a robust hashtag tracking tool

The last action is to use a reliable hashtag tracker and monitor your project performance.

You can utilize one of the tools pointed out in step 1 to discover in-depth analytics on your hashtag. Apart from things like the appeal of your hashtag, the tools can likewise prepare pattern reports on a weekly/monthly basis about your hashtag’s use, reach and engagement.

Here is how Hashtagify shows the appeal and use patterns of a hashtag:

Image by means of Hashtagify As soon as you find out how your hashtags are performing, you can modify your material strategy on social media to improve results. Now, let’s dig much deeper into the precise hashtag metrics you need to track.

Hashtag metrics you need to track

While hashtag tools track several metrics, you do not need that much data to understand your campaigns. You should focus on metrics that can directly affect your project efficiency.

Such as?

1. Reach

Reach is unquestionably amongst the most important metrics for social networks campaigns, specifically if your campaign objective is boosting brand awareness. Reach suggests the actual number of individuals who saw your content.

If you’re utilizing the right hashtags, your campaign will reach a more comprehensive audience. The wrong hashtags will offer your project with limited exposure.

2. Engagement

While reach is necessary on social media, engagement is much more crucial. It’s excellent to have lots of eyes on your content, however what you need is active engagement from your audience. Engagement figures enter into the photo here.

How so?

High engagement indicates your material pertains to your audience. They relate to your material and hence feel happy to like, comment, or reshare it.

Poor engagement, on the other hand, indicates your content or targeting needs to be revamped.

3. Trend

Another metric that you require to view closely is your hashtag’s use pattern. Social network is an unstable area and pattern reports indicate the pulse of the audience. By doing this, you can get on a trending hashtag as quickly as you see it being utilized a lot.

What’s more?

By keeping track of how your hashtags are faring on a daily/weekly basis, you can capture the spikes and dips in time. Afterwards, you can figure out how these modifications will impact your total project efficiency.

4. Popularity

As social media online marketers, you likely desire make your campaign hashtags pattern. That’s why you require to track your hashtag’s appeal in social networks circuits.

If your hashtags leading appeal charts, you can be sure that your campaign has reached a great deal of people. It likewise shows that your campaign struck home with your audience. If you partnered with influencers to increase your campaign, you can deduce that they did a great task at that.

In a nutshell, the appeal metric will help you assess your content, targeting and influencer choice. All of these insights can assist you shape better projects in the future.

Final words

As you can see, hashtag tracking is non-negotiable for social media marketers. The most intelligent marketers consistently track their hashtags and keep re-aligning their strategies as required.

Do you have any concerns about social networks marketing or hashtags in specific? Please leave them in the comments. I’ll be back with the responses soon.