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Apple Inc. (NASDAQ: AAPL) shares may leap from its current levels if the tech giant opens its wallet app to crypto trading, and Apple could be the next business to open up to cryptocurrency trading. Thinking about jumping into buying Apple stock? Discover more about how you can purchase a tiny piece of the company.

A Brief History of Apple Stock

While Apple stock continues to climb, this wasn’t always the case. The tech company’s beginnings were a little bit more modest. Here’s a short timeline and chart revealing Apple’s stock and company history.

Apple, Inc.’s stock price history since February 2021. Source: Google.com April 1, 1976: Apple was founded by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak in Cupertino, California, where the duo designed desktop computers

  • September 1980: Yearly sales increase by over 533 percent considering that its founding– to $118 million
  • December 12, 1980: After seeing success with its first 2 computer system models (Apple, Apple II, and Apple III), the company went public. It’s Initial Public Offering (IPO) was financed by Morgan Stanley & Co. and Humbert & Quist. They sold 4.2 million shares at the opening price of $22 per share, becoming the largest IPO of its time.December 13, 1980: Apple shares open on the exchange at $29, already up 32% from its opening price.September 16, 1985: Citing distinctions, Steve Jobs leaves Apple. Steve Wozniak leaves that year as well. Share costs remain steady, in some cases in decline, until the 2000s.1997: Steve Jobs ends up being interim CEO. Apple sees revenues within the next twelve months.November 2001: The traditional iPod is introduced to the world. Apple stock costs climb practically 7 %2007: One of the most recognizable phones in the world, the iPhone is launched.October 5, 2011: Apple’s founder, Steve Jobs, passes away. Stock rates stayed resilient.August 2018: Apple shares struck$ 207.05, giving the business the title of the first company in
  • the world to strike a one trillion dollar market capitalization.July and August 2020: shares were up 30.4%since the business announced a four-for-one stock split back on July 30. The split took effect on Aug. 31, 2020. Why Should I or Should I Not Buy Apple Stock? Pros of purchasing Apple stock: Development has actually stayed strong over the past twenty years, even after creator and CEO passed away in 2011 Apple continues to develop and manufacture ingenious products, constantly creating more recent versions

    of their classic.iPhone, Macs, and iPads continue to perform well Apple hit the 2 trillion dollar

    • market cap in August 2020 Cons of purchasing Apple stock: Shares may be costly for very first time investors.
    • As of February 2021, shares sit at around$140 each Apple, no longer the only tech giant on the scene, finds itself
    • in the middle of large competitors, such as Samsung. How to Buy AAPL Stock Step 1: Figure out just how much you wish to invest in Apple Buyers, remember

      that you can purchase partial shares of stocks

    • , too. And, of course, just invest what you can manage to lose. Examine the existing price and pick a quantity proper for
    • you. Step 2: Choose your brokerage If you have actually currently got a brokerage, fantastic– you probably understand where to go from here.

    If you’re new to investing, you might have to open an account. Opening an account is quite simple,

    simply ensure you choose the best account based upon your budget, desires, and requires. Unsure of which brokerage to use? Take a look at Benzinga’s Best Online Brokerages to limit your choices.

    Step 3: Make the purchase The precise procedure will vary depending on your brokerage. However, you’ll probably need to select in between a” market “or “limitation”order. A market order is a request to buy as quickly as possible at the very best price and a limitation order is a request to purchase a specific cost only, or better. Effectively finished the actions above? Congratulations! You now own Apple stock. Final Thoughts on Purchasing Apple Stock While Apple has seen mainly successes given that it became public in the mid-1980s, it has had a hard time a bit, and selected itself out from a downturn to see some of the most significant stock exchange wins of the 21st century. Some might think it’s far too late to make money off of Apple, however it could still be your turn. The stock has actually been trending up for years and the business continues to end up innovative items that the general public adores.

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