Need to know how to run a social networks contest the proper way? You’ve concerned the right place!

A huge part of running your online shop is making sure that you constantly have an audience of ready-to-buy clients. Running a social networks free gift for your eCommerce shop is one of the easiest methods to accomplish this.

If you want your giveaway to have a genuine impact, you require to make certain you use the right technique.

Contests can be a fantastic method to boost client acquisition and reach a much bigger audience.


You can use contests to attain several goals and drive up the worth of your marketing efforts.


We’ll reveal you! Our total guide to running a social media free gift for your eCommerce shop will explain how to run contests that do more for your brand name.

  1. Why run social networks free gifts for eCommerce?
  2. How to run an effective social networks contest
  3. How to get your contests to go viral

Why Run Social Media Contests or Giveaways for eCommerce?

There are many different ways to market your eCommerce shop, and running a social networks contest can be among the very best.

If your contest is effectively organized and promoted, it can assist you:

  • Boost brand name awareness
  • Drive traffic to your online shop
  • Promote a specific product
  • Generate new leads
  • Increase social engagement and followers
  • Increase user-generated material
  • Increase sales with after-contest promotions

This can all be accomplished with relatively low marketing invest.

You’ll require to distribute a prize and run some promotions, but you can get numerous brand-new interested consumers in return. This offers your eCommerce service excellent ROI.

The first thing you require to choose is whether you’re going to run a contest or a giveaway.

Generally, free gifts are when you accept entries through very fundamental requirements (like name and email address), and choose a random winner. Contests require entrants to take certain steps (like uploading a selfie). You select a winner based upon the contest’s rules.

Whichever format you pick, this is one of the easiest ways for any eCommerce store to make a big marketing effect, fast. You have actually currently got products, so discovering a reward is easy.

When you distribute your products as prizes, you will attract contest entrants who are interested in your brand. This indicates there’s a higher opportunity they’ll end up being clients through your marketing efforts once the contest has finished.

A brand that understands this well is Mamas and Papas. The example below shows how they use their rewards (a child chair and blender for infant food) to attract their target market (brand-new parents).

These are big, attractive rewards for any new moms and dad, and contest entrants may be lured to purchase the highchair if they don’t win.

How to Run an Effective Social Media Contest [Step-by-Step] Ready to assemble a contest or giveaway for your online shop? Before you select a reward and tell your fans you’re running a giveaway,

there are a few things you ought to do to make certain the contest achieves success. Here is your detailed guide to creating powerful eCommerce social networks giveaways. Action # 1:

Set an Objective for Your Contest First, pick a clear, actionable objective you want your contest to achieve. This is needed for correctly preparing your promotion and tracking its success afterward.

Your objective might consist of increasing sales of a brand-new product, increasing your site’s traffic, or gaining a particular variety of brand name discusses throughout social networks.

Use your analytics platform to comprehend your consumers’ behavior in relation to social networks. This need to help you to find chances for engagement that you can fill with a social contest. Then, when your contest is over, return to your analytics and see how the results of the contest helped you accomplish this goal.

Let’s say you determine all the website traffic that comes from Instagram and evaluate what these consumers purchase. If there is one especially popular item, you might set an objective to increase that product’s sales by X%. Alternatively, you could decide to utilize your contest to raise a various item’s sales to match your Instagram traffic’s best-seller.

Action # 2: Understand Your Audience

You require to understand your audience, what they have an interest in, and where they can be discovered online. Tools like Google Analytics can assist, as can having clear target market personas. The much better you understand your audience, the more effectively you will have the ability to reach them and build a contest around their interests.

This includes things like knowing which platforms to promote your contest on, understanding which entry approaches work best, and picking the right type of reward.

For instance, you can utilize Google Analytics to measure which social channels bring the most traffic to your online store. If the majority of your traffic comes from Facebook, think about running your contest on Facebook for finest outcomes.

Attempt to gather as much info about this audience segment as you can with clear demographics. The much better you comprehend your particular audience on a particular social channel, the much better possibility you’ll need to develop a contest that matches their interests.

Sabra recently ran an effective contest on TikTok asking fans to create a video for the #SabraHummusChallenge. They picked to run this contest since their target market for this promotion is active on TikTok, and a viral video obstacle on the platform is an outstanding way to engage this audience and collect a lot of attention.

@alex. stempIts #InternationalHummusDay & Sabra is granting 1 fan a year of hummus. Produce a video with #SabraHummusChallenge #Contest revealing your favorite flavor! #ad initial noise– Alex Stemplewski

Action # 3: Decide on a Contest Type

You’ve got loads of different choices to choose from for your social media contest or giveaway. Each one needs its own distinct entry technique, and each one has its own special benefits.

Some excellent kinds of contests for eCommerce shops consist of:

  • Sweepstake
  • Hashtag contest
  • Image contest
  • Bonus offer entry contest
  • Recommendation contest
  • Vote contest
  • Pinterest contest
  • Leaderboard contest
  • Picture caption contest
  • Video contest

… and more!

You ought to choose your contest type based on your objective. A benefit entry contest is a terrific way to go viral, while a photo contest can help you gain valuable user-generated content. Work out which contest type will provide the best outcomes for what you wish to accomplish, and use various types for various giveaway campaigns.

Here’s an example of Dunkin’ Donuts and the Chicago Bears running a fun vote caption contest. This is an excellent type of contest to boost your engagement. You can send your individuals to a landing page like this one to place their vote.

Step # 4: Set Your Contest Rules Having a clear set of rules and conditions for your contest is vital. They require to be clear to your audience to ensure that your contest runs efficiently. When creating your contest guidelines, consider things like who can enter your contest, which entries are permitted and which aren’t, how you will select a winner, how

long your contest will run, and so on. If your eCommerce shop just fulfills orders within a particular area, make it part of your rules that only individuals who live within this location can enter. Your contest may need an age limitation based on what your prize is, and you require to be clear on what kind of entries you will reject.

You also need to understand the particular rules and standards for the social networks platform you’re running the contest on.

For example, Facebook has strict rules for what you can and can’t do with promotions. This includes things like just being able to run contests from business pages, and not being able to tag users in product photos.

You require to ensure that your guidelines are clear for entrants and that your contest is entirely legal. Some crucial guidelines to get you started include:

  • Who is eligible to enter your contest
  • A note that your contest isn’t affiliated with the social platform you’re promoting on
  • How to enter the contest
  • Any entries you won’t accept
  • How a winner will be chosen
  • The date the winner will be picked

Step # 5: Select the Right Prize

The success of your contest typically depends on the reward you choose. The bigger the prize, the more reward you’re providing individuals to go into. Naturally, this will also imply a larger cost for your business.

Ensure that the reward is huge enough to create buzz and enjoyment around your contest. Something boring like a 25% off coupon won’t exactly make you go viral.

Obviously, your prize also needs to interest your specific target market. You don’t just want to bring in a great deal of people to enter your contest; you want to attract the ideal people. Ideally, your entrants will ultimately end up being consumers.

If you hand out a huge cash prize, you might attract loads of entrants. Nevertheless, just a tiny portion of these will have an interest in your brand. Rather, hand out something like a product bundle from your store. By doing this, you’ll only attract people who are particularly interested in your products.

Sephora ran a huge contest with an all-expenses-paid browse journey to Costa Rica, in addition to a year’s supply of their browse item. This contest plainly attracts web surfers who utilize appeal products– in other words, the exact individuals who would purchase these products if they don’t win.

Action # 6: Develop a Landing Page for Your Contest You might focus your eCommerce contest around a particular social media channel, having a landing page for your promo is a terrific strategy. You can send out entrants to your landing page, where they will have the ability to submit specific info to get in the contest. This can consist of things like their e-mail address, which you can

contribute to your newsletter list for marketing purposes. Ensure you utilize the right social promos tool to can create the ideal pages and gather the best details for your contest. This will make all the distinction in accomplishing your end goal.

For a high-converting landing page that attracts a lot of entries, you must:

  1. Bear in mind that the less entry requirements, the easier it will be for individuals to go into, so only request the essentials. If there are a lot of fields in your entry type, visitors will not be interested.
  2. Include a picture of the reward you’re handing out.
  3. Add an extremely clear CTA (such as “enter now” or “register now”).
  4. Include the details of your prize and free gift on the landing page.
  5. Make the landing page easy to read and absorb. Only include vital information so visitors can glimpse at the page and understand precisely what it has to do with.

Action # 7: Introduce Your Contest Now that whatever’s set up, it’s time to launch your contest on your chosen social media channel. If you’re utilizing Facebook, be sure to pin your contest post while it’s running. It’s usually best to do a single post about

it so you don’t confuse individuals on entry methods. Try to introduce your contest at a time when your audience is most active on that platform for much better engagement levels. You could also enhance the post to assist you reach a larger audience and draw in more relevant entries. Among the terrific things about social media is that the platforms gather a lot of user information, so you can refine your target audience extremely clearly.

Action # 8: Promote Your Contest

It does not matter how great your reward is. If you don’t promote your contest appropriately, no-one will enter it.

Start by promoting your contest through your existing marketing channels, such as social media, email, and your blog. To bring more awareness and reach a wider audience, you can also use paid advertising to promote your contest.

To get you began, here are some things you ought to consider adding to your giveaway promotional plan:

  • Email blasts
  • Onsite headers
  • Popup alerts
  • Advertisements
  • Blog content
  • Influencer material

Step # 9: Select and Reveal a Winner

Once your promo has reached its term, it’s time to choose a winner. This requires to be done according to the rules you set at the start of the contest.

Reach out to the winner through e-mail to let them know they’ve won. Then, produce a post on social networks informing your audience that the contest is over and a winner has actually been picked.

Step # 10: Follow Up with All Entrants

An efficient method for eCommerce shops is to send an e-mail to all participants with a discount rate code for your shop. Do this as quickly as the contest is over because this is when your company is at the front of their minds.

Remember, these individuals have actually currently shown interest in your products, so sending them a discount code when they’re considering your business is a fantastic way to enhance sales. Your conversion rate for this email should be high.

Action # 11: Review the Results of Your Contest

Lastly, examine the results of your contest and see if it assisted you accomplish your preliminary objective. The ideal contest tool, like Wishpond, will easily track all contest entries and provide the insights you need around your contest results. This can assist you understand what worked, what didn’t work, and what you can change to optimize your next contest.

To understand what metrics to look for, go back to your initial objective. If your goal was to increase traffic to your online shop from a particular social channel, measure this through Google Analytics. If it was to increase sales for a particular item, compare your product’s sales for a week before and after the contest.

Bonus offer Suggestion: How to Get Your Contests to Go Viral

There are 2 primary ways you can increase contests and assist them go viral.

1. Select Reward Entry Contests

If you wish to take your eCommerce contest to the next level, consider running a bonus entry contest. This is when you reward contest entrants additional entries for carrying out particular actions, such as getting a buddy to get in too.

Running a bonus entry contest increases your promotional efforts because everybody who gets in will send out an entry link to their inner circle, who will send an entry link to their circle. Your reach will continue growing.

By utilizing a contest tool that allows you to create contest referral links, you can run a high-impact reward entry contest. These entry links can be quickly shared via e-mail.

This enables you to reach a much broader audience and increase brand name awareness at a higher scale. You can likewise use bonus offer entries to accomplish multiple goals for your contest, like increasing social engagement by offering reward entries for tagging pals.

2. Use UGC to Boost Contest Reach

As an eCommerce store owner, social evidence is among the most powerful tools in your marketing strategy. Running a contest is among the very best ways to increase your user-generated content and social proof, which will help you to increase sales.

A terrific method to do this is through a picture or hashtag contest. This gets individuals to upload photos of your items or talk about your brand online. When users see their friends post about a brand, there’s a great chance they’ll also become interested. This helps to develop trust and increase your reach.

Here’s a good example of Ohuhu Art doing just that:

Last Ideas There you have it, whatever you

require to understand on how to run a social networks contest successfully. You’ve probably thought about running a contest or giveaway for your eCommerce shop prior to, however have you taken the best technique? Your contests require to be tactically prepared if you want to use them to get more consumers.

Use the right social contest tool and follow the steps above, and you will be able to run effective social networks giveaways that help to enhance your sales. This is among the most convenient methods to make a big marketing effect for eCommerce.

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