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How would you explain the total culture at your agency?

I believe our firm has demonstrated living by our Wunderman Thompson behaviors. In it Together, Positivity, Listening, and Imaginative Bravery. Increasingly more, we are seeing our talent appear in a way that is aligned with who we are.

Listening: To

  • discover and listen.
  • That means we listen more than we speak. We see conversation as an opportunity to discover and understand, not get the point across.


    • It Together: We are best when we’re in it together.

    We’re at our finest when we work together: with our customers, associates, and partners.

    Creative Bravery:

  • To challenge convention. We challenge convention in every element of our work. Imaginative describes how we act, not the department we sit in. Positivity: Bringing enthusiasm and options.
  • We

    • look for options to problems and constantly find

    a way forward. We bring passion and positivity to every circumstance we encounter. In your opinion, what do you see as the biggest change in the marketing market

    because women have started to break the glass ceiling? I believe we see a lot more character in the output of work because ladies have started to break the glass ceiling. The environment has also ended up being more authentic and less difficult. The combination and addition of females in the market have actually likewise increased marketing opportunities, as ladies are typically the greatest buying market around the world, so there’s a better representation in the work we see not just locally however likewise internationally, the lens within which ideas are produced is far more inclusive. Do you think that females still deal with challenges in our industry, and if so, what are they? Absolutely. Not forgetting that this industry

    has been, for many decades, a male-dominated environment, and in specific, white male-dominant. Women have actually had to play ‘catch up’to get a seat at the table and receive complete acknowledgment. There stays a bigger male counterpart ratio of men than females in the industry, specifically the imaginative department. That in itself is a difficulty. Having stated that, though, the ladies who occupy a seat at these tables are formidable, intelligent and extremely competent and unapologetic. How should we tackle a problem such as equal opportunity? Part of this involves us being aware of unconscious biases and being intentional about giving equal opportunity. At the time, our intentions can be conceptual, and when

    the rubber strikes the roadway, we can often go back to our old way of thinking because we have been conditioned that way. Equal opportunity needs clear intents paired with extreme action that supports it. How did you find your method into the marketing interactions market and what professional achievement are you most proud of? I am a left-brained kid, and I believe I had natural gravitation to this market as an outcome


    that. My people-centric approach has drawn me to wish to deal with people who work from the heart. We influence growth for ambitious brand names– how

    we do that is through our workers’ hearts and minds. It’s that very same craft that has brought me here. I am most happy with the work I have actually carried out in bringing our people together through variety and addition in a genuine and authentic method. Who influences you the most, either inside the industry or outside? Why? To be rather honest, I am blown away by the girls who form part of our innovative team– the level of quality we witness is breathtaking. They own the area, and they deliver sterling results.


    is a testament to the notion of giving people a sporting chance and permitting their magic to