• 11/10/2020
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In this post, you’ll discover how to install.NET on macOS. WEB is comprised of the runtime and the SDK. The runtime is used to run a.NET app and may or may not be included with the app. The SDK is used to create.NET apps and libraries. The.NET runtime is always set up with the SDK.

The current variation of.NET is 5.0.

Supported releases

The following table is a list of presently supported.NET releases and the versions of macOS they’re supported on. These versions remain supported either the version of.NET reaches end-of-support.

  • A shows that the version of.NET Core is still supported.
  • A shows that the variation of.NET Core isn’t supported.

Unsupported releases

The following versions of.NET are no longer supported. The downloads for these still stay published:

Runtime details

The runtime is utilized to run apps produced with.NET. When an app author publishes an app, they can consist of the runtime with their app. If they do not consist of the runtime, it depends on the user to set up the runtime.

There are two different runtimes you can set up on macOS:

  • ASP.NET Core runtime
    Runs ASP.NET Core apps. Consists of the.NET runtime.

  • . NET runtime
    This runtime is the most basic runtime and doesn’t include any other runtime. It’s highly recommended that you install ASP.NET Core runtime for the very best compatibility with.NET apps.

SDK info

The SDK is used to construct and publish.NET apps and libraries. Setting up the SDK includes both runtimes: ASP.NET Core and.NET.


. INTERNET is supported on the following macOS releases:

Keep in mind

A + sign represents the minimum version.

Beginning with macOS Catalina (variation 10.15), all software application developed after June 1, 2019 that is dispersed with Designer ID, must be notarized. This requirement uses to the.NET runtime,. WEB SDK, and software produced with.NET.

The runtime and SDK installers for.NET 5.0 and.NET Core 3.1, 3.0, and 2.1, have actually been notarized because February 18, 2020. Prior released versions aren’t notarized. If you run a non-notarized app, you’ll see an error similar to the following image:

For more details about how enforced-notarization affects.NET (and your.NET apps), see Dealing with macOS Catalina Notarization.


. WEB applications that use the System.Drawing.Common assembly need libgdiplus to be installed.

An easy way to obtain libgdiplus is by using the Homebrew (“brew”) package manager for macOS. After setting up brew, set up libgdiplus by performing the following commands at a Terminal (command) trigger:

brew update brew install mono-libgdiplus

Install with an installer

macOS has standalone installers that can be utilized to set up the.NET 5.0 SDK:

Download and by hand set up