NorthBridge is the cross-chain bridge tool that assists you send out tokens across the blockchain network. It has assistance for Binance Smart Chain, Polygon (MATIC), and BITKUB. The KillSwitch group is likewise the winner of the SCB10X hackathon.Why it is the best? On

other bridges, the general problem you will deal with is liquidity running out. On Northbridge, they solve this concern by developing a yield farm so that other farmers can help supply liquidity and get a portion of the swap fee.In this short article, we will review how to move funds from Binance Smart Chain (BSC) to Polygon network (USDC). This tool supports MATIC and USDC tokens at present.In order to begin

moving funds from Binance Smart Chain to Polygon, we require to switch our token to KUSDC in Foodcourt first. Thus, we need to go to the Foodcourt platform as displayed in the screenshot below: After this swapping is complete, we require to

move back to the Northbridge homepage.Now in the Northbridge platform home screen, the only essential number that we need to know is Exit liquidity. The token number is enough to form a bridge and move from BSC to Polygon Matic. This is the cross-chain bridge we will utilize to move kUSDC over to Polygon (USDC)as displayed in the screenshot below: Here, you need to strike the Approve button in order to enable Northbridge to

utilize our token. This will also change the Approve button to Transfer button as shown in the screenshot listed below: Now, we require to click the Transfer button which will lead us to following MetaMask window: Here, we require to click the ‘Confirm ‘button to pay the BSC deal fees to send out the kUSDC tokens.Then after awaiting some minute, we will get the transfer success screen as displayed in the screenshot below: Now, our next step is to try and bridge the token from Polygon(MATIC)to Binance Smart Chain.Our primary step is to change the bridge network on Metamask from BSC to Polygon(MATIC)

as shown in the screenshot listed below: The deal cost is 1 Matic per deal. We also need to choose USDC

as an asset.Now, let us attempt to send all USDC back to BSC. Hence, we require to input the Transfer amount as 9.99 as directed in the screenshot below: Next, we require to follow the exact same method as in the past. We require to hit Approve and Transfer as previously. Here, the Metamask will include charges to the transaction and reveal a summary as displayed in the dialog screenshot listed below

: As before, we require to strike Confirm and wait on a moment up until the success dialog turns up as displayed in the screenshot listed below: For this reason, the token will bridge as kUSDC. Now, we can swap to other token like BUSD as displayed in the screenshot below: The post aimed to offer stepwise guidelines on bridging BSC to Polygon Matic. The actions included switching the token to kUSDC token on the FoodCourt platform and after that bridging BSC to Polygon to move the kUSDC token to

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