To reach new and more readers, I started to send out posts for publication– short articles that would have otherwise appeared in these pages.

Technology-focused Integrated in has actually been kind enough to run two of my pieces, up until now. Here’s the latest:

RFPs Are a Waste of Valuable Time. Here’s a Better Way to Hire an Agency.

There’s a wealth of extremely specialized marketing skill available to brands today, but few brand name supervisors know precisely where to seek to find an excellent suitable for their a lot of pressing needs.

Sure, the brand supervisor might check out the trades– and possibly she has a robust network of peers to tap for suggestions– but that’s not the most dependable path to take when the business requirement is acute and the requirement for a response is long past due.

Please read the complete short article on, supplied that you’re interested in taking the puffery out of the pitch procedure.

Why Technology Marketers Tend to Battle

My very first short article for Built In addresses customer blindspots, which can be especially prevalent in technology companies that are led by a founder.

When the Item Does All the Talking, Where Does Brand Name Marketing Fit In?

I have met with and worked carefully with tech leaders with pronounced brand marketing blind spots. Usually, these were the outcome of the tech entrepreneur’s engineering mindset. Engineers may see brand marketing as pointless; in their mind, all the genius remains in the item.

The engineer also wishes to communicate all the truths under the sun about the new gadget, without ever thinking the capacity of the purchaser to take in and weigh this sort of details– or how it will position the brand-new company in the buyer’s mind.

I have actually also experienced the extremely exact same people who say, “We want to resemble Apple,” at the start of the client/agency relationship, make that desire impossible to fulfill.

Resembling Apple means that every choice and move made from that point on will honor the client. It also means positioning style and brand name experience at the center of the whole organization.

In a business like Apple, product or services are developed to surprise and delight individuals. In almost every other technology business, pleasing the client is simply a presumption that gets made by uninformed executives. On the other hand, Apple is hectic making everybody’s attention.