I’ve seen a great deal of posts lately asking about the contrast of Polkadot and Cardano. I think a lot of people in the cryptocurrency area think Polkadot is a major rival to Cardano. I imply why not, they are among the leading 10 jobs by marketcap. On top of that its developer, Gavin Wood, was one of the co-creators of Ethereum (along with Charles Hoskinson).

I’m not an expert on Polkadot, however here are my findings:


Cardano Polkadot
Nodes: 1,406 Validators (DOT Nodes): 277
Delegators: 115,546 Nominators (DOT Delegators): 7,005
Single Node Operators: 800-900 Single Node Operators: 80-120
ROI: 738% ROI: 225%
Reddit Users: 94,636 Reddit Users: 6,882
On-Chain Treasury: $40,700,000 On-Chain Treasury: $13,300,000
Overall ADA Staked: 67.8% Overall DOT Staked: 63%
Cardano Node Distribution: Map 1/ Map 2 Polkadot Node Circulation: Map

Points of Interest:

  • Cardano is founded upon years of scientific peer-reviewed research, Polkadot is not. Except for the aspects of their agreement design that they copied from Cardano.Gavin Wood’s team accidentally lost$150,000,000 during their ICO launch due to self-admitted incompetent/novice coding, locking the funds up indefinitely.(https://techcrunch.com/2017/11/07/a-major-vulnerability-has-frozen-hundreds-of-millions-of-dollars-of-ethereum/)Checking out their list of validators, while there are 277, you

  • have to likewise think of how some operators are running several nodes. This is true for Cardano too of course. When actually browsing the list I found the following: * Only counted validators running 5 or more nodes (lots of other duplicates running 2-4

nodes each were found). My estimate would be that there are probably ~ 80-120 unique validators) Treasury Details-numbers were sourced from the most recent openly available info I could find. Please remedy me if

  • I’m incorrect on Polkadot’s number. However, Polkadot doesn’t even solve governance on its native chain. It’s trying to partly outsource its governance to a job called “Kusama”, whose site talks about having brand-new individuals get matching tattoos to be part of the chain’s” secret society”. Cardano’s fund is ever-rising and will eventually get to $70 million/month or more in the not too distant future (undoubtedly subject to the worth of ADA

    • )Polkadot needs to rely in part on slashing for a part of its funding source.Gavin Wood was a big force behind Strength, which is the development language utilized by Ethereum, and likewise

    • a huge factor for the dozens and dozens of large scale wise contract exploits/hacks that have actually lost people millions. Whereas Cardano’s wise contracts will have the ability to be audited automatically to assist make sure the accuracy of the code and that they do what they’re planned to do.Polkadot’s claim to fame are”Parachains”-It’s attempting to be the chain that all other chains link to through bridges that enable them to connect, while supplying them with included security. Cardano has its own unique approach( NiPoPoW -https://iohk.io/en/research/library/papers/non-interactive-proofs-of-proof-of-work/), and there are numerous ideas for interoperability drifting around. It is far from being a fixed problem.Summary: Polkadot released up just recently to become a top 10 task by marketcap. It now sits at$8 billion. Cardano’s market cap is$5.6 billion. What financiers do not realize is that this is not a logical market. Marketing, hype, control, FUD, intangible development & adoption are the main motorists behind rate because we are still a really small market in the grand

      plan of things.Cardano has innovated more than any job in this space. It has practically 100 peer-reviewed clinical papers accepted by significant cryptography conferences around the world and is the most pointed out work in our area. The group behind it is worldwide varied, spread across all continents. We have the most academically excellent and tenured team(s )in the industry.Polkadot is in no chance, shape or form a competitive threat to Cardano’s vision/technology/adoption and will not impact its success in any way. I ‘d like to hear some arguments on the contrary if there are any.-Yell outs for data: Map 1-monad_pool(https://monadpool.com/index.html-ticker: monad )Map 2- ADA OCean Australia (https://adaocean.com.au/-ticker: AOAUS )Cardano network data (https://adapools.org/contributors)- ticker: TOOLS/ SWIMMING POOLS )Cardano network data(https://pooltool.io/)- ticker: LOVE/ PEGA/ SKY)