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become an informed neighborhood member. Please do no post until you have actually familiarised yourself with the information supplied here. It’s extremely likely your question is currently addressed here if you’re new.We expect you to be able to help yourself and others by describing the info here and using the sub’s search-please do not anticipate to be spoon fed fundamental information!This post will help you comprehend: how to remain safe from frauds how to use this subreddit and help yourself- which in turn with assistance keep the quality of posts to a high requirement understand the subreddit rules find out

  • where to buy ADA find out how to save and stake your ada, which wallet to utilize etc discover how to select a stake pool, comprehend costs and rewards Subreddit Function The function of this post is to

  • inform you about the Cardano

  • task and suggestions on how to stay safe within the Cardano community. We

  • want to ensure that every member of our neighborhood depends on date concerning Cardano news and updates and

    receive the very best education about their online (crypto)security and safety. We hope that you find the following information beneficial to get you began and that everybody in our community enjoys their time here.Please help us make the neighborhood a terrific place for discussion by always working to improve the discussion in some method, however little. Please check out the community code of conduct.Searching the Sub for Responses Prior to you make a post, make certain to get in the practice of browsing previous posts first.To search the subreddit, observe the reddit search bar at the top of the page: The reddit search bar Enter your search inquiry,

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    , make certain you click this button(outlined in red below): Be sure to click the’program arises from r/Cardano’button On mobile, browsing the subreddit you’re browsing should take place automatically!Complementary Cardano Subs r/Cardano is our primary subreddit, however we likewise have a number of complementary

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    subreddit guidelines (laid out later on in

    this guide ): r/Cardano _ ELI5 The’discuss like I’m five ‘subreddit is for novice concerns(how to buy, how staking works, fees etc). Posts describe in detain and in laymans terms the various Cardano and blockchain associated subjects.

    Please ensure you check out the guidelines on this sub, as it has a really specific format.r/ CardanoDevelopers Whatever Cardano designer associated. If you’re planning on structure in the ecosystem, you’ll wish to join this sub.r/ CardanoStakePools Here you can also learn all about running a swimming pool and get more insight into the pools in the environment. Stakepool ad is not allowed on the primary sub, so if your an stake pool operator, you’ll want to market your pool on the stake pools subreddit.r/ CardanoTrading+r/CardanoMarkets We just enable market conversation in our day-to-day thread on the main sub. If you’re more interested in cost conversation, the trading subreddits are a much better alternative.r/ ada_meme We don’t allow low worth content like memes on this sub, rather visit this one.This guide is split up into areas, each area is paired with a comment command(explained below ). Please use these commands on the subreddit as an aid to help and notify yourself and others.Comment Commands Remark command:? help Typing among the following commands in a comment will

    have the auto-moderator offer details on the appropriate topic: Command Subject!.?.!? assistance,? commands

    Shows this menu!.?.!? start,? newbie,? newb Describes the beginning post.? social Reference to the Cardano social channels!.?.!? dyor,? find out A list of resources to learn more about Cardano!.?.

    !? buy,? exchanges Where and how to buy ADA!.?.!? wallets

    Where and how to store ADA!.?.!? staking Staking details!.?.!? pools,? stakepools Resources to compare stake pools!.?.!? charges,? poolfees

    Deposit and pool charge
    details!.?. !? benefits,? make Details on making ADA!.?.!? rip-offs Scam and safety information!.
    ?.!? assistance Technical assistance!.?.!? devs Some designer resources!.?.!? rules An overview of the sub’s rules!.?.!? guideline #(where’#’=
    1-7)Comprehensive description of a specific rule Do Your Own Research study Comment command:? dyor Here are some resources to assist you learn about Cardano.Why Cardano? The original essay from 2017 detailing the background, philosophy and inspiration behind the Cardano blockchain.
    By Charles Hoskinson.The’Whiteboard video’Charles’overview of Cardano from 2017. The Island, the Ocean and the Pond Charles ‘describes the prepare for
    Cardano’s designer ecosystem.Cardano’s website Cardano’s main entry point.r/ Cardano_ELI5 Cardano ‘s’discuss it like I
    ‘m five’subreddit.Roadmap An overview of the job’s various eras.Charles’youtube/AMAs A details mine. Watch Charles’videos to get the current insight into the project.AMA Search For the above.IOHK’s blog site posts Articles about the task from IOHK.Research Papers Feeling clever?

    See how all of it works.Cardano Updates A

    technical update tracker.Development Updates

    There are monthly advancement updates at the end of each month.Project Driver

    Town Halls Town halls are updates on Cardano’s Task Driver- our governance side of the project.List of youtube channels A broad selection of Cardano related youtube channels.Cardano’s Social Channels Remark command:? social Here is a long list of Cardano’s social channels.Buying ADA Comment command:? purchase If you’re uncertain where to purchase ADA since of your area, attempt utilizing the sub’s search! Likely somebody

    has actually already asked. Example: searching’ny ‘brings up threads to buy

    in New York.Storing your ADA Remark command:? wallets Cardano’s 2 native wallets are

    : Daedalus A full node wallet available on desktop.Yoroi A light wallet,

    available as an internet browser extension, and mobile apps.Note worthwhile relied on web wallet: adalite Check out the following r/Cardano _ ELI5 posts to comprehend

    more about wallets: Staking Comment command

    😕 staking You can find numerous detailed threads about staking on our’describe it like I’m 5 sub’ r/Cardano _ ELI5. Some posts relating to staking There are no risks staking on Cardano!Your ADA is never ever locked.

    You’re complimentary send your ADA at any time.Your ADA is never ever moved from your wallet. You will constantly be in control of your ADA

    (check out the above like ‘What does it suggest to”stake” your ADA?’to read more). Your benefits are dispersed by the protocol

    , so there’s no possibility they can be withheld by a stake pool.There is no minimum to stake(though

    there is a staking key

    deposit of 2 ADA)and any ADA

    added to your wallet is immediately staked, including rewards(benefits are compounded). You only require to

    withdraw rewards if you require to send out the ADA out of your wallet.Stake Pools Remark command:? pools Guides to decide which stake swimming pool to entrust to: Stake swimming pool contrast sites The community has actually constructed numerous important tools for you to compare stake pool

    statistics: When entrusting try to: Assistance pools

    that add to the community.Use wallets that

    allow you to pick your own pool (like Daedalus and Yoroi

    ). Prevent staking with big entities like Binance(It’s bad for decentralisation and therefore the project ). Ensure you go to r/CardanoStakePools! Staking Fees Remark command:? costs Staking Secret Deposit When you make a delegation, it

    will cost you

    2 ADA for a staking

    crucial deposit, plus the basic deal charge(generally ~ 0.17 ADA ). The key deposit is something you’ll return if you everundelegate

    the wallet.Stake Pool Fees Pool fees are typically misconstrued. To start with let’s clarify that swimming pool

    • charges are not a direct expense to you, the delegator! Charges are just the pools share of rewards when they are distributed.Fixed cost This is a set quantity of ADA the swimming pool earns (minutes. 340 ADA ). e.g If the repaired fee= 340 ADA: If a swimming pool earns 20000 ADA, the swimming pool gets

    • 340 ADA, and it’s delegators get 19,600 ADA.Variable charge(aka swimming pool margin)The variable fee is a portion of rewards the swimming pool earns

    . e.g. If the variable charge =1%: If a swimming pool makes 20000 ADA, the pool gets 200 ADA, and it’s delegators get 19,800 ADA.Note treasury tax not consisted of in examples for simplicity.When making a delegation try to: Support swimming pools that contribute to the community.Use wallets that allow you to choose your own swimming pool

    (like Daedalus and Yoroi). Prevent staking with big

    entities like Binance(It’s bad for decentralisation and for that reason the job). Make sure you

    go to r/CardanoStakePools! Benefits Remark command:? rewards There are 3 reward systems that permit the neighborhood to earn benefits in

    ADA: Staking Benefits Staking is incentivised as it’s

  • essential for network function as planned. See: Just delegate your ADA in a Shelley wallet and you

  • ‘ll make a passive income!Note that when you initially entrust, it’ll take 15-20 days until you initially receive rewards depending on your pool’s

    efficiency, then every 5 days after(see rewards Frequently Asked Question). Your benefits depend upon the balance throughout the date photo(as detailed in the FAQ). That implies: Rewards are compounded -rewards are contributed to your primary balance and thus are recorded in the next date photo which goes through the delegation cycle for increased rewards.Any extra ADA you add to the wallet increases your benefits(again

    as soon as the balance has been captured in a snapshot and has gone through the delegation cycle ). Community Consultant Rewards In Task Driver you can make rewards be composing thoughful evaluations on proposition tasks as a neighborhood advisor.Sign up to the

    ideascale platform and make sure to read the community advistor guide.Voting Benefits Voting is another vital part of being a community member, as and ADA holder you hold voting power.

    Our treasury funds jobs proposed on

    Task Catalyst, and with Voltaire we’ll soon be voting on Cardano’s Improvement Proposals (CIPS ). Ballot is incentivised to encourage involvement. Make certain to download the Catalyst Voting app onandroid and ios.Safety and Scams Remark command:? frauds Always be watchful-

    especially on Youtube

    • with’giveaway ‘scams!Never share your healing seed phrase.Never send your crypto

    • to somebody guaranteeing to send out more back (youtube’free gift’ fraud)-

    • See innovative charge fraud Always download wallets from a relied on sources, and know there are replica wallets in app shops-if in doubt, ask!Please checked out the following articles to

      stay safe There is no such thing as Cardano giveaways!How do I recognize cryptocurrency scams?Tips for remaining safe online Cyber security guidelines for Cardano users Daedalus security when using computer system repair work services Technical Assistance Remark command:? assistance We also have a neighborhood technical assistance area on the Cardano Forum.Note that our subreddit is not the intending place to supply technical support.Developer Resources Comment command:? devs Make certain to visit our dedicated designers subreddit r/CardanoDevelopers! The Island, the Ocean and the Pond Charles’discusses the plan for Cardano’s designer ecosystem.Cardano updates

      An activity tracker from the main repositories.Playgrounds Marlowe A scratch style financial agreement web-based environment.Plutus Smart contract web-based environment.Repositories Developers site and docs Social Channels Funding Other The Cardano subreddit guidelines Remark command:? guidelines Be respectful and polite Keep the discussions Cardano related and include value Scare strategies, buzz, FUD & fake news is prohibited No spamming, marketing or low value content Please look for answers prior to publishing Market discussion/trading/shilling posts are prohibited Intros must be made in the Daily Thread Guideline 1-Be Respectful and Courteous Remark

      command:? rule1 You are expected to treat everybody with self-respect and respect. Personal attacks and insults will not be tolerated and users

      will be banned.We follow Reddiquette here, an informal expression of the values of lots of redditors, as composed by redditors themselves.Downvotes are for bad information or disrespect, not casual disagreement.Rule 2 -Keep the conversations Cardano related and include worth Remark command:? rule2 All posts need to be related to Cardano, Ada, or any projects and businesses associated with the project.Links, posts and remarks not associated with Cardano will be gotten rid of and repeat culprits will be banned.Always aim to include value where you can, we want this to be a place where people can discover more about the

      job and quickly keep up to date with the most appropriate news &updates.Rule 3-Scare methods, hype, FUD & fake news is prohibited Remark command:? rule3 You are not allowed

      to post fake news or spread misinformation.Repeated attempts to pump,

    • shill, or spread FUD(fear, unpredictability, and doubt )will result in a ban.If you don’t have realities to support presumptions then please do

    • not post.Rule 4-No spamming, advertising or low worth content Comment command:? rule4 Low-value content includes however is not restricted to; memes, response gifs

    , speculation/hype, old links, replicate links etc.Stakepool ad and NFT ad is not allowed.Please usage the devoted subreddits

    r/CardanoStakePools and r/CardanoNFTs respectively.Alt accounts

    are not permitted. In addition, posts consisting of recommendation links, involving solicitation,

    phishing sites, affiliate links or duplicate content will be removed and repeat offenders will be banned.Rule 5- Please search for answers prior to posting Remark command:? rule5 You can find the responses to many

    concerns you may have by using the Reddit search bar.Reddit is not a place to ask technical assistance associated questions. Please head to the main Cardano Forum where there is a dedicated category called”Community Technical Support”. You can also browse the main Aid Centre to find in depth assistance posts and request assistance.Rule 6-Market discussion/trading/shilling posts are restricted Remark command:? rule6 Any posts that include price/market discussion, purchasing and offering

    Ada, requesting for donations or special contests to”win” Ada will be instantly gotten rid of and repeat transgressors will be banned.If you want to go over the market please do so in the everyday thread just, however understand this sub is for the task, not the market. If you’re concentrated on the market r/CardanoTrading+r/CardanoMarkets

    subs may

    be much better alternative for you. We also have a trading area

    1. on the Cardano Forum and trading channel on telegram.Rule 7-Intros and expression posts must be made in the Daily Thread Comment command:? rule7 We’re thankful to have you here on r/Cardano!

    2. We know you’re all excited about the task and we’re experiencing a huge influx of brand-new users. We’re attempting to keep the

    3. quality details on the subreddit to guarantee everybody is kept

    4. informed of what’s going on with the project. For this reason

    , we would kindly ask that any intros or expression posts are done so in the day-to-day thread.Some examples of expression posts could be: announcing you have actually just purchased ADA, staked your ADA, got rewards, revealing your feelings etc.Thanks for understanding

    and if you’re new to the community, a huge warm welcome to you! Make sure to check out the newbies guide to Cardano!This post was last upgraded

    on 25th February 2021.