Specter[2], spelled Spectre (スペクター Supekutā) in the Japanese version, is a character appearing in the Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS anime. He is Varis’s assistant and a member of the Knights of Hanoi. He was one of the six children who were kidnapped as part of the Lost Incident, and he is the Origin of Earth.


Specter is a fair skinned man with gray hair and light blue eyes. He wears a grey suit over a black waistcoat and a white collared shirt with no tie, and brown dress shoes. He does not use a separate Avatar within LINK VRAINS, retaining his normal appearance, but wearing a different outfit; a white suit with yellow outlines, and a black stripe on his chest, and white shoes.

As a child, he wore a green jacket over a dark shirt and khaki pants.


Specter is a villainous individual that will do anything to protect the goals of Knights of Hanoi, doubting anyone would truly understand their reason for executing their plans. Up to his name, Specter briefly appears to do whatever Varis orders him. As he believes that Varis has given his life purpose, he is extremely loyal to him. He has a habit of snapping his fingers to perform an action.

Specter likes to know everything about his opponent before he Duels them. He then uses information of their past to distress them. When Dueling Blue Angel, he correctly ascertained she got her avatar name from Blue Angel, which her brother used to read to her when she was a little girl crying over the loss of her parents. Not only does this knowledge unsettle Blue Angel, Specter also claims that she will cry like the Blue Angel in the story because when she loses to him, she will lose her connection with her brother and become mere data.

During his Duel with Blue Angel, Specter was shown to be an extremely manipulative, deceptive and cold-hearted individual at one point going as far as feigning having seen the light through Skye’s actions inspired by Blue Angel, only to later burn the book, causing her great distress. He also mocks Playmaker’s self-proclaimed justice to be ridiculous.

A young Specter walked a path of darkness, without love he struggled to find, which created a destructive hatred inside him.[3] While Playmaker said that incident caused time to stop for him, Specter said that due to it, time started moving for him. He had fun during the incident and stated that if the incident hurt Playmaker then he must have led a happy life before it.



A young Specter, distant from the other children at his orphanage.

Specter was abandoned as a baby inside a hollow tree in a mountain behind an orphanage. He remained undiscovered for several days; during which the tree protected him from the elements and wild animals, closing its branches around the hollow each time something threatened him. After he was found, he was raised in the orphanage for several years, though he only felt at peace near the tree and regretted that he couldn’t spend much time with it. He found it difficult to connect with the other children, and had nothing to entertain him; he felt that lived like a specter, with no one to talk to and no one who cared about him.[4] He became familiar with the Blue Angel in his youth, and he enjoyed the story.[5]

Specter was one of the six children that were kidnapped for the Hanoi Project. He woke up in a room with a VR headset, and he was forced to constantly Duel and win, or he would be electrocuted and starved. Despite this, Specter did not see the experience as traumatizing as his fellow subjects did. Instead, he was elated that someone was testing him and that they expected big things from him, and he felt the will to live for the first time. His only regret was that he couldn’t visit the tree as he had in the past. He was disappointed when the Incident ended and he was returned to the orphanage. The other adults at the orphanage forbade him to talk about what he experienced, least it scare the other children, and they treated him cautiously, keeping him at arm’s length, leaving him more alone then before. Distraught, he ran away from the orphanage back to his tree only to find that it had been cut down.

With no attachment to society or to the orphanage, he fled to the restricted area where he had been imprisoned. It was locked and deserted, but he waited there, desiring to be tested again. His hopes came true one rainy day when Ryoken Kogami, the son of Dr. Kogami who had headed the project and who had alerted the authorities who had freed Specter, approached him. When Specter saw him, he instantly knew he had come for him. Ryoken gave him a place to belong among the Knights of Hanoi, something he had never had before. By saving him from despair, Ryoken – Varis among the Knights – earned his undying loyalty.[4] Specter participated in the attack on the Cyberse alongside his fellow Knights.[6]

Knights of Hanoi[edit]

Specter appeared inside the Knights of Hanoi’s control room with Varis, informing him that they had found a lead on the runaway Ignis, who would allow SOL Technologies to revive the Cyberse. He admitted that he was concerned about Playmaker interfering with their plans. Since Playmaker deleted his login records, the two concluded that he was a skilled hacker. Varis was interested, but asked Specter to keep their priorities on the Ignis. Specter and Varis waited for SOL Technologies to begin a security scan, as this would lower their firewalls, and when they did, Varis sent Number 10 to attack LINK VRAINS and capture the Ignis.[7] Specter watched the ensuing Speed Duel between Number 10 and Playmaker with Varis, which ended in Number 10’s defeat.[8] After Number 10’s defeat, Specter told Varis that he had made some poor decisions in his attempt to capture the Ignis, but he noted that the sliver lining was that SOL Technologies had also failed to gain the A.I. Varis in turn stated that they were now closer to narrowing down Playmaker’s identity.[9]

Specter meets Blue Angel for the first time.

Later inside the Knights’ base, he and Varis watched Blue Angel’s public announcement to Duel Playmaker. He told Varis that they could use her. Inside LINK VRAINS, Specter appeared from the shadows to speak to a waiting Blue Angel. He told her how Playmaker hadn’t showed up and she asked if he was a Knight of Hanoi. Ignoring the question, he greeted her and the section where they were meeting then turned into a darkened, digital area. Specter claimed that he was a fan of hers and she accused him of lying. He denied this, stating that he wanted her to beat Playmaker. He threw a glowing purple card into Blue Angel, telling her that it would open a door deep in her heart. He wished her luck and disappeared.[10] Specter and Varis watched the Duel between Playmaker and Blue Angel; Varis counted on the card Specter gave to Blue Angel to control her.[11] During Varis’s Master Duel with Playmaker, Specter logged in behind Dr. Kogami as he expressed surprise at how Playmaker wanted revenge for the Lost Incident.[12]

Specter remained in the shadows during the Deleted incident, during which Dr. Genome, Baira, and Faust were all defeated by Playmaker and his allies. He joined Varis in their control room as Varis noted that despite this setback, his three subordinates would continue to serve as the core for his plan. Specter reminded Varis that they still didn’t know Playmaker’s identity, but Varis proclaimed that their plan to unleash the Tower of Hanoi had to continue, even if it cost his life, and nothing would stand in his way.[13]

When Kitamura, the security chief of SOL Technologies, approached Varis and attempted to join the Knights of Hanoi, Varis had Specter Duel him to test him. Specter introduced himself and easily defeated Kitamura in a Master Duel. He thanked him, stating that due to his poor management, their takeover of LINK VRAINS had been easy. To his disgust, Kitamura attempted to convince him to betray Varis, and Specter told Kitamura that he could still serve the Knights as data as Kitamura was absorbed by the Tower of Hanoi. Specter warned the watching journalists, Frog and Pigeon, that anyone who entered LINK VRAINS would suffer the same fate, though he dared anyone to log in.

Specter appeared before Blue Angel as she made her way to the Tower of Hanoi, and introduced himself to her, noting that it was the second time they had met. He reminded Blue Angel of when he gave her “Dark Angel”. Blue Angel accused him of infecting her with the Deleted virus, though Specter still claimed to be her fan, but refused to explain why, believing that she would not understand his noble ideals. He explained that Varis had ordered him to crush anyone that wanted to stop their plans, but offered her a chance to escape. She refused, swearing to defeat him and Varis. Specter believed that a weakling like her could not defeat Varis, and he promised a far worse fate than a computer virus should she lose, warning her that she would not be able to return to the real world if she lost. Blue Angel nevertheless promised to protect LINK VRAINS from him, and they initiated a Master Duel.[2]

Specter immediately summoned “Sunseed Genius Loci” and used it to Link Summon “Sunavalon Dryas”,[2] explaining that it could not be targeted for attacks. Blue Angel asked about Ghost Gal’s whereabouts, causing Specter to joke that he hoped he would be Ghost Gal’s friend with a name like that. He revealed that Varis had defeated her, and she was a part of Tower of Hanoi as data. He assured Blue Angel she would be a part of the tower, too. Blue Angel swore she would not allow Specter to do that, by defeating him, much to his amusement. Blue Angel locked down Specter’s Set card with her “Trickstar Light Arena” and brought out “Trickstar Holly Angel”. Specter noted its effects, and Blue Angel admitted that being too popular had its drawbacks. She damaged Specter with “Trickstar Lilybell”, but this triggered his tree’s effects – Specter Special Summoned a Link Monster, “Sunvine Gardna”, which restored Specter’s LP. Specter noted that Blue Angel drew inspiration from a book of the same name, one that he admitted was a good book. He read the tale and read it out loud, claiming the character, “Blue Angel”, shared the traits of Skye herself; that she felt lonely and cried. He noted that Skye became Blue Angel to prevent that. Blue Angel was angry that Specter had looked into her past, and she likened him to the evil monsters in the book as a “sad excuse for a human”, and she again swore to defeat Specter, who claimed it would be an honor. “Trickstar Holly Angel” attacked “Sunvine Gardna”, who protected Specter by reducing the damage and ending Blue Angel’s Battle Phase. Blue Angel realized that Specter played a defensive Deck, and he boasted that it was an absolute defense. Blue Angel ended her turn with a Set card, but Specter anticipated it and made use of the window in Blue Angel’s End Phase to activate his previously sealed “Sunvine Burial”, banishing all three of Blue Angel’s “Trickstar Reincarnations”. He claimed that he had opened Blue Angel’s heart, finding that Skye’s loneliness had been soothed when her brother read Blue Angel to her, and thus that Akira was her treasure and that she feared losing him the most. He proclaimed Blue Angel would lose everything after he defeated her, and he brought out “Sunvine Healer” to heal his LP and evolve “Dryas” into “Sunavalon Dryades”. He noted that the tree protected him in a manner not unlike Blue Angel and her brother. Blue Angel accused Specter of being lonely himself, since he loved Blue Angel, but unlike her had not been loved and became destructive. Specter found Blue Angel a strange person to have noticed this, but claimed that Blue Angel knew her purpose, and he regretted that she would not live up to it. He Link Summoned “Sunvine Thrasher”, whose effect boosted its ATK to match that of “Holly Angel”. “Sunvine Thrasher” destroyed “Trickstar Holly Angel” in a double K.O., but its effect allowed Specter to revive “Holly Angel” to “Drydes'” Link Marker. “Trickstar Holly Angel” destroyed one of Blue Angel’s “Trickstar Lycoris”, and Specter asked her how it felt to be attacked by her own ace monster.[5]

Blue Angel Link Summoned “Trickstar Crimson Heart” and attempted to return “Dryades” to Specter’s Extra Deck. She noted Specter bore love towards the tree, but hatred as well that it concealed. Specter admitted that he sought love, but that love was never fulfilled. He claimed that he was fine, even if he was scarred, and he used “Sunvine Maiden” to protect “Dryades”. Blue Angel was displeased that her strategy had failed, a failure Specter suggested was due to her lack of desire to understand him. He claimed that he felt alone, at the bottom of a canyon, walking on a path without sound or light, and warned her that she would never defeat him if she did not understand that. His tree evolved further into “Sunavalon Dryanome” and he Link Summoned another “Sunvine Thrasher”, destroying and reviving “Trickstar Crimson Heart” under his control. Blue Angel was able to increase her LP with “Trickstar Light Arena”, but with no defenses, the “Trickstar” monsters Specter stole from her reduced her to 1000 LP. Blue Angel made three consecutive Link Summons to bring out “Trickstar Delfiendium” on her next turn, returning the three banished “Trickstar Reincarnation” cards to her hand to increase its ATK by 3000. Specter reminded her that his tree would protect him, but Blue Angel pointed out that all of the zones that “Sunavalon Dryanome” pointed to were occupied, so he could not trigger its effect. Specter applauded her strategy, but was able to survive by using the effect of “Sunavalon Dryanome” to reposition the attacked “Trickstar Crimson Heart” to a different Main Monster Zone and negate the attack. As Blue Angel was unable to set the “Trickstar Reincarnation” cards she had recovered, Specter believed that she was helpless, and that he would be able to finish her off and allow her to meet Ghost Gal soon. Blue Angel switched to a defensive strategy, returning her attacking monsters to her hand to replace them with two “Trickstar Lycoris”, intending to defeat Specter with her “Reincarnation” combo that she had enabled with “Trickstar Treat”.[3]

A sadistic Specter laughs at Blue Angel’s defeat.

Blue Angel claimed that since Specter had been analyzing her, he wanted some protection from being alone as well. She declared the ultimate love was the blue love he sought out, and she swore to save Specter, who dared her to just do that. As she reduced Specter’s LP with her combo, Blue Angel noted that even in the cruelest hearts, people yearned for love, and she activated her final “Trickstar Reincarnation”. Specter started crying, demanding that Blue Angel save him, but he then activated “Sunbloom Doom”, gaining LP equal to the ATK of all monsters of the Type of a monster he controlled, and he targeted “Holly Angel”. Specter claimed to a terrified Blue Angel that she hadn’t lived up to her promise, and admitted that he did read Blue Angel, and found that he had to defeat someone pathetic enough to think that they could save him. He ripped the book in two and burned it before her to torment her, and stated that even if the negative effect of “Trickstar Treat” would deplete her LP, he would personally defeat her. He banished “Sunbloom Doom” to activate its second effect, strengthened by the number of Spell and Traps played that turn, inflicting enough damage to wipe Blue Angel out, blasting her into the sky. Specter bid farewell to Skye Zaizen, a girl that failed to become a Blue Angel whose wings shattered at her defeat, and he laughed maniacally as Blue Angel plummeted to the ground.[3]

Specter departed without even remaining behind to witness Blue Angel being absorbed into the Tower of Hanoi. He confronted Playmaker on a bridge as he approached the Tower of Hanoi, revealing that he had defeated Blue Angel and challenging Playmaker to a Duel. Specter showed them bits of data of Blue Angel, stating she had no power to save him, and he promised that the same fate would befall Playmaker. The Duel started, and Specter again began by using “Sunseed Genus Loci” to Link Summon “Sunavalon Dryas”, and Setting a card. Playmaker tried to persuade Specter to step down, believing that he did not know about Varis’s plan, but Specter revealed that he knew that data around the world would be destroyed, but nevertheless he would stand by Varis. Playmaker believed that Specter could not understand Varis, due to being an outsider of the Lost Incident, but Specter revealed his past to Playmaker, including his kidnapping and Varis taking him under his wing, giving him a place to belong in the Knights of Hanoi. Specter wondered if he was weird, but thought Playmaker was even stranger due to his sense of justice. Playmaker claimed that due to the Lost Incident, time had stopped moving for him, but Specter claimed that it had started moving for him since then. Specter dared Playmaker to defeat him, and Playmaker Link Summoned “Binary Sorceress”, “Multi Sledgehammer” and “Binary Blader”, and since “Dryas” could not be attacked, “Binary Sorceress” attacked Specter directly, only for Specter to replenish his LP by Summoning “Sunvine Gardna”. Specter explained about the tree that protected him when he was a baby, and proclaimed that as long as “Dryas” was on the field, nobody could defeat him.[4]

He declared that the Ignis and LINK VRAINS would be erased. Playmaker reminded Specter that he would be erased too, but Specter claimed that he merely wished to fulfill Varis’s goal and that Playmaker would never understand their goals as long as he chased after revenge. Playmaker continued his attack, restoring his own LP with the effect of “Binary Sorceress”. To speed things up, Specter used “Sunavalon Glorious Growth” to summon a “Sunvine Token”, and evolved “Dryas” into “Sunavalon Dryanome” in the middle of Playmaker’s battle, then neutralized Playmaker’s efforts by restoring his LP to 4000. Specter warned them that “Dryanome” could not be attacked, and “Binary Blader” made its second attack, damaging Specter and replenishing Playmaker’s LP. Specter repeated his combo, summoning another “Sunvine Gardna”, and “Sunavalon Glorious Growth” raised his LP back and lowered Playmaker’s LP back to 4000. But Playmaker removed all of the Counters “Multi Sledgehammer” had received when his other monsters attacked, raising its ATK to 4000. Specter realized that Playmaker’s attacks were intended to power up “Multi Sledgehammer” for a final strike. Ai claimed that it was a brilliant strategy, but Specter retorted that it was not perfect; using the effect of “Sunavalon Glorious Growth” to blunt the combo, redirecting the attack to his second “Sunvine Gardna”, reducing the damage, Summoning a third “Sunvine Gardna”, restoring his LP reducing Playmaker back to 4000 LP. Specter claimed that while they both experienced the Lost Incident, Playmaker was obsessed with revenge, while Specter was helping Varis save the world, believing that his victory was guaranteed as a result. Specter went on the offense, reviving “Sunseed Genius Loci” and using it to Link Summon “Sunvine Thrasher”. Specter repeated his combo, just as he had against Blue Angel, taking control of “Binary Blader” and attacking Playmaker’s monsters. Playmaker belived that Specter could no longer use the effect of “Sunavalon Dryanome” as all of the zones it pointed to were occupied, but Specter Link Summoned “Sunavalon Daphne”, expanding his available zones and returning two “Sunvine Gardna” to his Extra Deck.[14]

Suddenly, the bridge began to break, as its data was being erased. “Dryanome” reformed the bridge, allowing the Duel to continue. Specter used “Sunavalon Force” to render “Dryanome” immune to effects, but Playmaker brought out “Excode Talker” and “Underclock Taker”, locking down Specter’s Monster Zones and reducing the ATK of “Sunvine Thrasher”. Specter was displeased that his combo had been stopped and Ai gloated they would win. But Specter snapped his fingers, revealing the captured Akira Zaizen to them. Specter threatened to infect Zaizen with a virus, Ai and Playmaker were angry that Specter was cheating by involving unrelated people. Specter chuckled, reminding Playmaker how many people he had involved in this crisis, first Blue Angel, and now her brother. Both Zaizen and Ai told Playmaker not to listen to Specter, but Playmaker ended his turn without attacking. Specter laughed, believing that he discovered Playmaker’s weakness: virtue. Playmaker wanted revenge, but he would not let innocents be hurt, which Specter considered a weakness. “Sunvine Thrasher” counterattacked on Specter’s next turn, putting Playmaker at a disadvantage.[14] The bridge began collapsing again, but Specter refused to allow this to defeat Playmaker and used “Dryanome” to once again re-stabilize the bridge so that he could defeat Playmaker himself. Confident that Playmaker could not win because of his combo and Playmaker’s sense of justice, Specter ended his turn, daring Playmaker to risk Zaizen by attacking him.[15]

Ai criticized Specter’s cheating, but Specter took that as a compliment, as it had let him gain the advantage. To Specter’s disappointment, Playmaker ignored his dare and simply Set a card. Specter used “Sunvine Thrasher” to attack “Excode Talker”, but Playmaker used “Overload Anchor” and “Link Processing Failure” to stop Specter’s Link Monsters from attacking, but neglected to use the offensive effect of “Overload Anchor”. Specter called Playmaker’s moves pointless, as he could not do anything without attacking, and he Link Summoned the Link-4 “Sunavalon Dryatrentiay” and destroyed Playmaker’s protective Spell and Trap Cards, then brought out another “Sunvine Thrasher”, whose ATK became 4000. Although the newly Summoned “Thrasher” could not attack, “Dryatrentiay” gained the ATK of the monsters it pointed to, and Specter attempted to inflict the final blow, but Playmaker had anticipated this and made the ATK of “Excode Talker” equal to that of “Sunavalon Dryatrentiay”, destroying both of them. Specter claimed it was still pointless, for “Sunavalon Force” reduced Playmaker to 50 LP. But Specter’s advantage was cut short by the sight of “Dryantrentiay” falling, reminding him of the death of the tree from his childhood. With his “Sunavalon” destroyed, Specter’s combo was destroyed. Screaming for his sacred tree, Specter revived “Dryatrentiay” with “Sunavalon Cursed Rebirth”, negating its effects and making its ATK 4000, while also ensuring that Playmaker would take any damage Specter took.[15]

Playmaker’s allies suddenly attempted to release Zaizen, but failed. Zaizen then grasped his prison, infecting himself with the virus and being absorbed by the Tower of Hanoi. Specter laughed at Zaizen for entrusting the future to a man who could not win, but an enraged Playmaker reminded him that his Dueling always won, and that his doubts had disappeared with Zaizen gone. Playmaker resurrected “Excode Talker”, and raised it ATK to 4000 with “Link Atrocity” to match that of “Dryatrentiay”. Specter believed Playmaker was aiming for mutual destruction, and declared that his goal was complete, for Playmaker would never reach Varis. But Playmaker replied that Specter’s goal was gone, as “Link Atrocity” reduced the ATK of “Dryatrentiay” back to 0, and “Excode Talker” destroyed it, defeating Specter. Unable to believe his loss, Specter started shaking, thinking he should have let Playmaker fall. He didn’t expect his loyalty to Varis would backfire, but declared that he had no regrets. Playmaker claimed that he had no doubts anymore, but Specter told him doubt and regret were two different things. With “Dryatrentiay” destroyed, the bridge began to collapse, and Playmaker fled as Specter laughed madly an apologized to Varis for his incompetence. But to his horror, he saw “Dryatrentiay” burning before him, and as he recalled the tree from his youth he wept for his “mother” and was buried in the flaming debris. (His final demise is cut from the dub).[15]

Specter was not absorbed by the Tower of Hanoi, but purged like the Commanders were and brought to the Knights of Hanoi’s chambers.[16] Varis vowed to fulfill their objective for Specter and all those who had fallen, but he was defeated by Playmaker as well and forced to stop the Tower of Hanoi.[17][18]


Ryoken restored Specter after his loss against Playmaker and the destruction of the Tower of Hanoi, as well as Aso, Dr. Genome, and Clarissa Turner, though Clarissa had been imprisoned during her purging.[19] During this point in time, Specter watched the footage of the Duel between Playmaker and Varis, and he became enamored with the Extra Link that Varis had used during the Duel, re-watching it countless times and adapting his own Deck to be capable of the strategy.[20] Three months after the Tower of Hanoi’s failure, Specter joined Varis, Faust, and Dr. Genome in the Knights’ control room, where they discussed recent events. They noted that the Cyberse had been destroyed and the Ignis scattered while they were building the Tower, and one of them, the FIRE Ignis, had met with his partner, Theodore Hamilton. Specter wondered why his Ignis hadn’t tried to seek him out, and Dr. Genome reminded him that they were trying to kill the Ignis, so Specter’s Ignis would never have sought out a Knight of Hanoi. Specter expressed amusement that The Gore was working for SOL Technologies as a Bounty Hunter, and noted that Soulburner must be strong to have defeated him. When Varis revealed that a gate created by an Ignis program had appeared in the depths of LINK VRAINS, Specter was amused by SOL Technologies’ carelessness in concealing it. They deduced that the Ignis were responsible and were forming a plan. Specter then assisted Ryoken, Aso, and Genome in breaking Clarissa out of prison, reforming the Knights of Hanoi.[19]

Specter participated in the Knights of Hanoi’s attack on Windy’s fabricated Cyberse, while Varis went to rescue Playmaker and Ai from Lightning and Windy, opposing four Echoes with “Sunavalon Dryanome”.[6][21] He waited outside while Faust, Baira and Genome went inside to watch Varis Duel Windy, having detected Soulburner approaching. Soulburner found Specter on the steps surrounded by the destroyed Echoes, and realized who Specter was. Specter introduced himself and explained he knew who they were, and he reassured them that he didn’t intend to fight them. He brought them in to show them Lightning and Windy’s plans, telling Soulburner to be mindful of whether he wanted to continue fighting with Flame. They entered as Windy claimed Varis would lose, though Specter found the idea amusing as the Duel was reaching its climax. Lightning attempted to capture Specter, Soulburner and Flame when they arrived, but Flame protected them with a program and freed Playmaker and Ai. Specter watched as Varis defeated Windy, and as the Commanders used a virus on Windy to erase him, though Lightning saved Windy and revealed Jin Kolter as Bohman and Harlin arrived.[22]

Lightning revealed that he had been the one responsible for destroying the Cyberse and he declared war on humanity before escaping with Bohman, Harlin and Jin to save Windy from Baira and Genome’s virus. Specter and the other Knights remained behind, and Specter asked Varis what to do. Varis decided to let Playmaker and SOL Technologies battle the Ignis for now, and ordered the Knights to let SOL Technologies know the Ignis’ location.[23]

Specter sensing the death of Earth.

While he was in the Knights of Hanoi’s control room, Specter later sensed the death of Earth, the Ignis that had been created from him during the Hanoi Project, and he shed a tear as he felt an emptiness form inside him.[24] Though Specter still didn’t accept the Ignis, he came to blame Lightning for Earth’s death.[25] Specter and Ryoken later spied on Kenneth Drayden, an A.I.-hating bounty hunter and hacker known as The Shepherd, and Ryoken noted that he could be a troublesome enemy. That night they discussed finding the Ignis on Ryoken’s speedboat, and came to the conclusion that they would need several skilled hackers in order to find the Ignis. They decided to approach Kenneth first, and Varis logged in to confront him, though despite Varis defeating The Shepherd in a Duel, he refused to work with them.[26] Specter later detected someone scanning LINK VRAINS, and he and Ryoken determined that it was The Shepherd and that the bounty hunter had struck out on his own. They watched as Shepherd and then Playmaker and his allies entered a portal that Lightning had created, and Ryoken decided to log in and watch the Duel, believing that it was his responsibility to do so. Specter accompanied him, and they logged in atop a building and remained out of sight. Varis noted that he’d warned Shepherd about Lightning’s Link Spell Card, and they observed as Shepherd successfully countered “Judgment Arrows”.[27] Specter wondered if Shepherd would win the Duel as he had destroyed “Judgment Arrows”, but Varis noted that Lightning had been prepared for its destruction and may have anticipated it, and he was proven right when Lightning returned it to his Deck. Shepherd was able to bring Lightning down to 200 LP, a quantity that Specter noted was low enough for any attack to defeat Lightning. However, Lightning was able to redraw “Judgment Arrows” and defeat Shepherd, erasing his data. Varis noted to Specter that Shepherd had made no mistakes, but had still been defeated.[28] Specter and Varis later detected Earth’s data in LINK VRAINS, and they watched as Playmaker Dueled The Gore, the Duelist who had captured Earth. Gore Link Summoned one of Earth’s monsters, “G Golem Crystal Heart”, and revealed that Earth’s data was in his chip, causing Specter to tremble at the sight.[29] Specter noted that Gore’s Dueling had entered unknown territory due to his union with an A.I., and Ryoken noted that Gore would still have to Duel beyond expectations to defeat Playmaker. Playmaker instead defeated Gore, retrieving what was left of Earth’s data.[30]

Ryoken managed to complete his plan to turn the Tower of Hanoi into a scan program with the aid of Playmaker and his allies, and Specter accompanied Varis to the Tower of Hanoi with the captured Frog and Pigeon. Specter had Aso, Genome, and Clarissa remain at Ryoken’s speedboat to support them. They activated the Tower’s scan program, revealing that Lightning was hiding in a mirror world; “Mirror LINK VRAINS”. As their allies headed into a portal to the mirror world, Specter and Varis prepared to release Frog and Pigeon, but they begged to come with them for a chance at a scoop; Varis had Specter bring them along to report their final battle to the world.[31]

Specter Duels Lightning, stealing his “Judgment Arrows”. Specter’s data is absorbed.

Once they arrived in Mirror LINK VRAINS, Specter cruelly released Frog and Pigeon, abandoning them to their fate, and the group were then accosted by BitBoots, who challenged them to Speed Duels.[32] As Specter easily defeated a BitBoot, Mirror LINK VRAINS realigned with LINK VRAINS and cut off the Data Material flow, deactivating everyone’s Duel Boards; Specter was sent tumbling into a canyon. As he explored the area, he was approached by Lightning and Jin, and after inquiring about everyone’s safety, he realized that Lightning intended to eliminate the weakest Duelists of the team first, starting with him. Specter took this insult well, claiming that the weak served the strong as he did Varis and that he had chosen to obey Varis of his own free will. He discussed the lose of Earth with Lightning, and tried to blame him for his death, but Lightning claimed that the Knights of Hanoi attacking them in the first place were to blame, and they decided that further talk was pointless, beginning their Duel. Lightning locked Specter down with an Extra Link on the first turn, preventing Specter from using his best strategies. Despite his disadvantage, Specter stole Lightning’s “Judgment Arrows” with “Sunvine Plunder”, bypassing the need for Extra Monster Zones to Summon his Link Monsters to and chided Lightning for his arrogance, suggesting that it stemmed from a complex. Lightning’s silence confirmed to Specter that he was correct, and Lightning warned Specter that he didn’t care for his probing. Specter politely apologized, before Link Summoning “Sunvine Thrasher” and using its effect to steal one of Lightning’s “Armatos Legio Decurion”, cumulatively destroying them and bringing out “Sunavalon Dryas”, taking control of the Extra Monster Zone.[25] Lightning strengthened his defenses, so Specter brought out two “Sunavalon Melias” and a new “Thrasher” to allow “Thrasher” to attack multiple times, although Lightning was able to blunt the effects of Specter’s attacks. With his attacks finished, Specter re-arranged his monsters to create his own Extra Link, and he was ecstatic that he had succeeded in creating the Extra Link, before briefly creating an Extra Link Full Mode. He brought out “Sunavalon Dryanome”, suggesting that Lightning’s inability to understand his field’s beauty was linked to what he was hiding. Lightning snapped, revealing that he’d known that Specter would try to take “Judgment Arrows”, and used “Judgment Sword” to banish and then re-Summon “Dryanome”, much to Specter’s fury. Lightning then brought out both “Armatos Legio Tribunus Militum” and “Armatos Legio Magnus Dux”, using their combined effects to reclaim “Judgment Arrows” and systematically destroy Specter’s field until only “Dryanome” remained, before re-activating “Judgment Arrows” to double the ATK of “Magnus Dux”, destroying Specter’s beloved mother tree and defeating him. Specter apologized to Varis as Lightning converted his Avatar into data, having Jin squeeze it before sparing Specter’s data.[20]

Lightning later held Specter’s data hostage alongside that of Jin to prevent Varis from attacking him during their Duel. Bohman eventually absorbed Specter’s data from Lightning to prevent him from doing so.[33]

Specter was freed after Playmaker defeated Bohman, joining Varis on a nearby balcony as Varis congratulated Playmaker. He and Ryoken later visited Yusaku and Theodore at Café Nom, and Specter watched quietly as Ryoken warned them that the Knights of Hanoi would continue to patrol the network and would show no mercy if they got in the Hanoi’s way.[34]


Zaizen came to the Knights of Hanoi to request protection from Ai and Roboppi, who were targeting him for his code key to SOL Technologies. Varis agreed to help Zaizen, and that the Knights of Hanoi would turn themselves in after Ai had been dealt with, as their mission would be over. Specter joined Varis and the Commanders at the defunct Central Station, meeting with Zaizen, Blue Maiden, Soulburner, The Gore, Ghost Gal and The Shepherd. Specter was assigned to team with Ghost Gal and The Shepherd to guard the eastern interior entrance. As they moved to cover their assigned positions, Playmaker finally arrived to join the battle.[35]

Varis, Playmaker and Soulburner were engaged by copies of Ai to distract them, while the real Ai swiftly defeated Baira and Genome in a Speed Tag Duel.[36] Specter came to reinforce Faust and allied with him in a Tag Speed Duel, but they were both defeated and their data taken by Ai.[37] Specter was released after Playmaker defeated Ai, but the Knights did not turn themselves in, according to Soulburner’s wishes after he had defeated Varis in a Duel.[38][39] Three months after Ai’s defeat, Specter joined Varis in LINK VRAINS, and Specter asked Varis if Playmaker would ever return. Varis replied that Playmaker would, and he would be stronger than ever.[39]

Specter uses a “Sunavalon”/”Sunvine” Deck that focuses around Plant Link Monsters with defensive effects, mainly in the form of damage reduction and protecting his central “Sunavalon” monster, which he supports with the “Sunavalon’s” effects to instantly Summon “Sunvine” monsters when he takes damage. For offensive tactics, Specter relies on stealing his opponent’s monsters with the effect of “Sunvine Thrasher”, which becomes more powerful depending on the “Sunavalon” that it is linked to. Specter also puts a strong focus on continuously increasing his LP to survive whatever strategy the opponent comes up with. He can also increase the ATK of his “Sunavalon” monsters if he needs to. The main disadvantages to Specter’s strategies are his reliance on Link Monsters, the zones his “Sunavalon” monsters pointing to being locked down, or his main “Sunavalon” monster being destroyed, as this more often than not causes his entire combo to self-destruct.

After watching Varis and Playmaker’s second Master Duel, Specter added the capability to perform an Extra Link as well as an Extra Link Full Mode to his Deck, using cards such as “Sunseed Twin” and “Sunseed Shadow” to easily swarm the field with Link Monsters. He also added “Sunvine Plunder” to his Deck to combat the Ignis’ “Judgment Arrows” to also use in his Extra Link strategy, as well as to power up his beatdown strategy with “Sunvine Thrasher”.