The lizard brains who inhabit power in the Texas legislature are denying fundamental rights and freedoms to American citizens. It’s another key triumph in their Culture War, which they’ve been fighting for how long now? Certainly because the 1960s.

With the state legislature’s newest move to limit access to abortions after 6 weeks, people who appreciate human rights are not surprisingly mad. Females are justifiably furious. And all this rage needs to be directed at something.

South By Southwest is the latest practical target. “Marketing and media leaders, specifically women and females of color, are requiring individuals and brands to withdraw from Texas-based occasions like SXSW,” according to Advertisement Age. That none of this is South By’s doing or fault matters not. This is the state of affairs in a society divided and puzzled.

< img src= "" alt="" width= "780"height="792"/ > Laura Mignott, CEO of DFlash, said,”I have amazing good friends in Austin and my heart breaks for them today due to the fact that they’re residing in this crazy dystopia. I can’t inform my brand name customers to activate there.”

Why is that? Will the anti-choice fascists be in attendance next March in downtown Austin? No. Will the boycott injured them somehow? No.

Due to the fact that there is a genuine need to do something, and a desire to point a finger at someone, “Texas” is now the opponent. Not the Texas GOP and its cretins inside the Capitol. Simply Texas. The fact that Texas is a state with 29M individuals in it, incredibly diverse, increasingly city, and among the largest financial engines on the planet, is not part of the discussion today.

The concept that Texas is not the opponent is likewise nowhere to be discovered.

Do Something Favorable to Help

Dallas-based Match Group, which owns dating app brands such as Tinder and OKCupid, revealed Thursday it will set up a fund to support workers affected by the law. Bumble made a comparable relocation. These are favorable actions that will assist people.

“All too often, these scenarios degenerate into no-win possible for females,” Bobbie Carlton, the founder of Innovation Women, states. “The phases we need in order to voice our issues are the ones we’re required to turn away from since somebody politicized our right to make our own choices about our bodies.”

Rather of boycotting South By, why not utilize the event as an opportunity to sound off on the concerns? The weight of your voice will be amplified rather of simply missing.

Combat the Power, Not Each Other

Did you know that every city in Texas except Fort Worth is dominated by Democrats? Did you know that Joe Biden lost to Don Trump in 2020 in Texas by simply 630K votes (out more than 11 million votes cast)? The state of Texas, like every state in the country, is purple.

To assist elect Democrats in Texas and restore decency and law, are you prepared and able to help Beto O’Rourke register 3M new Texas voters? Success on that front will change the score on the ground in Texas in 2022 and 2024 and for several years to come.

Get Strategic or Get Lost Where is the tactical action to this? That is my question and it’s been my question for years.

Has the Democratic National Committee invested substantial resources in Texas and Florida to make damn sure their candidates win in 2022 and 2024? Why not?

Does your business have a policy in location to safeguard women and males in Texas who supply help to a person who requires an abortion? Are you willing to supply such help? Are you prepared to sign your name to a public file mentioning that you will help women in Texas get an abortion when needed? I am asking myself these questions and the answer is yes.

The moves by Texas state lawmakers and other far-right American radicals are going to keep coming till they’re removed from workplace and public life. So, my patience for symbolic gestures is long gone. The people who did this all have names, offices, places to remain in Austin, and houses in some other Texas community. Who they are is clear. So, let’s put their names on a list and distribute the list to all Austin services and property managers who would like to deny service to them and their enablers.

Let’s fight the real opponent.