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Here’s what we’ve found out so far about Facebook’s international outage

Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp all went offline Monday for users worldwide. Even the company’s internal-communications tools went offline, slowing its capability to react. Here’s what we know so far about possible reasons for the outage. See more stories on Insider’s organization page. Packing Something is loading. Facebook and a few of its most commonly used…

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8 lesser-known Chase Sapphire Preferred and Reserve benefits that can save you cash– whether you’re at house or on the roadway

This post includes links to products from our advertisers, and we may be compensated when you click on these links. Our suggestions and guidance are ours alone, and have not been examined by any companies noted. Terms apply to offers listed on this page. Read our editorial standards.Ever considering that theirintroduction, the Chase Sapphire Preferred…

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Lester Wunderman, Ad Legend – Adpulp

“Data is a cost– understanding is a bargain. Gather only information that can end up being details, which, in turn, can become understanding. Just knowledge can develop on success and decrease failure. A company is no much better than what it understands.”– Lester Wunderman, from his book Being Direct Lester Wunderman was born in Bronx,…

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– YouTube

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November 26th Choices Now Offered For Tesla (TSLA)

November 26th Options Now Readily Available For Tesla (TSLA)Stock Options Channel Personnel – Thursday, October 7, 1:43 PMInvestors in Tesla Inc (TSLA) saw new alternatives begin trading today, for the November 26th expiration. At Stock Options Channel, our YieldBoost formula has actually looked up and down the TSLA alternatives chain for the brand-new November 26th…

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John Lewis takes to social networks to explain their newest ad.

Chucking an umbrella into the bookshelf targeting a vase is “accidental”, utilizing both hands to tip his sister’s paint on the flooring is “getting brought away”, chucking shine all over the dining table is “unintentional consequences”, and wrecking a down pillow just to be able to dramatically toss plumes about is “dramatic performance”, I suppose.…

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Le groupe QUAD, fort de 25 ans d’activité dans la production audiovisuelle, crée Madame de Sanzillon pour accompagner les marques engagées et responsablesdans leur communication, une entité que François Brun, co-fondateur du groupe, confie à Isabelle Darroman, ex quadienne.En effet, après quelques années d’infidélité chez BIG Productions puis à la tête des productions chez CLM BBDO, Isabelle revient…

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