As the 2 youngest electric automobiles to sign up with Tesla’s fleet, the Model 3 and Model Y have actually rapidly assisted propel the automaker to a market cap over $600 billion. While both EVs share several of the very same parts, they do remain distinct from one another in lots of methods. While not exhaustive, this side by side comparison of Tesla’s Model 3 and its Model Y should help you get a standard idea for how these vehicles vary …

What is Tesla Design 3?

From the early years after Tesla’s creation, CEO Elon Musk was candid about the car manufacturer’s goal of at some point providing quality EVs all customers who could afford to drive. With 2016’s announcement of its Design 3 sedan, Tesla came one action closer toward its objective of an EV at $35,000.

After an encouraging variety of early bookings were produced Tesla’s the majority of budget friendly model to date, the Model 3 debuted in 2017. Since then, it has actually travelled easily in the fast lane of sales. The EV currently sits as the world’s finest selling all-electric lorry and has actually accounted for a bulk of the total Teslas sold recently.

Tesla (briefly)sold a$35,000 version of the Design 3 to strike a rate point originally promised by Elon Musk in years leading up to the very first delivery. Back in November nevertheless, Tesla silently eliminated this option during a refresh for its 2021 Model 3. The latest variation sits at a purchase price of $36,490 for the Standard Variety Plus trim with zero

included features. More on

rates later on, however first let’s get up to speed on the Model 3’s more youthful brother or sister, the Design Y. What is Tesla Design Y? Tesla revealed its Design Y in 2019 as a smaller sized, crossover variation of its bigger and more recognized Design X mid-sized SUV. After starting shipments to consumers in March of 2020, the Model Y remains the newborn in the Tesla family, but has still managed to make a substantial splash in sales during its short tenure on the EV market.

According to the business’s Q3 2020 outcomes, the Model Y in addition to the Design 3 combined for 89% of the overall Tesla lorries offered in the third quarter of 2020, which showcases how evident Tesla’s sales looking forward will rely on these 2 more recent models. In truth, Electrek recently reported on Teslas push to provide a record variety of Design threes and Model Ys to liquidate the fourth quarter of 2020.

In joining the same assembly platform and its Design 3, Tesla’s Model Y shares much of the exact same parts. For instance, with the 2021 Model 3 refresh, Tesla adopted the”chrome delete” of its outside trims to match the style of

the initial Design Y. Furthermore, the Model Y was Tesla’s very first EV to include its own developed heatpump, increasing both efficiency and range. Electrek’s own Fred Lambert exposed in December 2020 that the Model 3’s refresh will consist of the very same heatpump presented on the Design Y. Most recently, both Tesla models will be getting an upgraded headlight design throughout all worldwide markets by early 2021. While both of these share much of the same mechanical DNA, they differ one another in regards to their exterior look and their efficiency alternatives.

Last fall, Tesla CEO Elon Musk nixed a Basic Variety Design Y choice but still assured a rear wheel drive (RWD) Long Range Model Y to follow. It now appears that Tesla has returned to Standard Variety RWD Design Y, as it just recently made this choice offered on its website.

Here’s a breakdown of how the Design 3 and Model Y stack up side by side.


Usually speaking, each of these 2 Tesla models appear quite various as rate friendly sedan versus a roomy crossover EV, but both alternatives use plenty in regards to variety, leading speed, and acceleration. The Design 3 wins for range, providing three different drivetrains compared to the 2 previously provided for the Design Y. Last fall, Elon Musk nixed the Standard Range Model Y option but still assured a rear wheel drive (RWD) Long Range Model Y to follow. It now appears that Tesla has returned to Requirement Range RWD Model Y, as it just recently made this choice readily available on its website.

Model Y

Speaking of the Model Y, let’s begin there: Tesla’s latest EV now can be found in 3 various trims. Tesla just recently debuted its Standard Variety RWD alternative. This was a recent addition to addition to the Model Y’s 2 dual-motor, AWD, Long Variety and Performance options. According to Tesla’s website, the Requirement Range RWD Design Y can travel 244 miles on a single charge, hit a top speed of 135 miles per hour, and travel 0-60 miles per hour in 5.3 seconds.

The current Long Range Design Y boasts an EPA estimated range of 326 miles, can reach a top speed of 135 miles per hour and can accelerate from 0-60 mph in 4.8 seconds. Its Efficiency cut can take a trip 303 miles on a single charge, peaks at 155 miles per hour and can do 0-60 in 3.5 seconds. Not bad in any classification considering the EV likewise houses 68 cubic feet of cargo space compared to the 15 cubic feet of freight area on the Design 3.

Design 3 The Model 3 also offers three drivetrains to select from, highlighting various varieties and speeds based off a customer’s choices. Its most affordable Basic Variety Plus travels an EPA estimated 263 miles, has a leading speed of 140 miles per hour, and can hit 0-60 mph in 5.3 seconds. Relocating to the Long Range trim, this Model 3 bests the Design Y Long Range by 27 miles at 353 miles per charge. It likewise tops its Design Y counterpart in leading speed and velocity, providing 145 mph and 0-60 in 4.2 seconds respectively. The Performance Model 3 is the very same story, using 315 miles of variety, and a leading speed of 162 mph while zooming 0-60 mph in 3.1 seconds.

If we consider the Standard RWD Model 3 as a standalone, cost-friendly choice, the Model 3 Long Variety and Efficiency trims finest the Design Y all 3 classifications above. With that said, the Model Y statistics Design Y stay more than adequate offered its increased weight (nearly 350 lbs more for Long Range and Efficiency trims). In addition, either choice deals far more overall space compared to the more compact Design 3.

Interior When the Design Y debuted this past spring, Electrek

‘s Fred Lambert got his hands on one and did a full review. As a Model 3 owner Fred had the ability to offer proper insight in comparing the 2 Tesla automobiles: Watching out from the chauffeur’s seat, you ‘d think you are within a Design 3. But once you overcame how similar the experience is to Design 3, you start observing some subtle differences that can make a big distinction for some individuals. First of all, the somewhat higher ground clearance makes it a little easier to get in and out of the automobile.

The interior is likewise a bit roomier and while the difference is not that big compared to Design 3, it feels a lot more large thanks to the lack of a beam separating the glass roof.

Electrek got its hands on a brand-new Model Y previously this year and assembled details of a full teardown inside and out. This is an excellent location to discover all the precise distinctions between the Design Y and the Design 3.


As formerly mentioned, these 2 Tesla lorries share a large majority of the same parts (almost 70%). From the first reveal of the Model Y, many Tesla fans rapidly pegged it as simply a taller Design 3. Electrek’s first spin with the Model Y when it came out certainly showed proof to that presumption. However, there are subtle and reliable modifications present on the Design Y than help the electric SUV base on its own.

For example, the front end of the Design Y resembles its assembly line equivalent at first glance, but the tweaks to its style on a taller and larger exterior help it step out of the Model 3’s shadow. In addition, the Model Y comes complete with a power liftgate complete hatch trunk, a huge long for Model 3 owners. The Design 3 offers more than sufficient cargo area for a sedan at 15 cubic feet amount to, however it pales in comparison to the 68 cubic feet of cargo capacity in the Design Y.


When it concerns driving, sedans tend to be more rapid and fun, however SUVs provide a better view and a sensation of more security sitting greater off the ground. The Model Y does provide more of a feeling of sitting greater up, although it realistically only sits one inch greater off the roadway than the Design 3. Having such a low center of mass allowed by the battery pack works to the Design Y’s benefit as well. This helps Tesla’s youngest EV feel significantly stable and linked to the road.

Extra functions

Both Tesla alternatives will get you where you require to go rapidly and efficiently (albeit one choice will provide you more room for freight). That being stated, it might be the extra features that help steer you behind the wheel of one Tesla over the other. Both alternatives provide a 15 ″ center touchscreen, 4 USB-C charging ports, wireless charging for 2 mobile phones and tinted glass roofs with infrared security.

As a larger EV, the Model Y features a tow hitch add-on efficient in pulling up to 3,500 pounds. for an additional $1,000. As for wheels, the Long Variety Model Y cones with 19 ″ Induction Wheels or 20 ″ Gemini Wheels, while the Efficiency Trim instantly presents on 21″Überturbine Wheels. To compare, the Standard and Long Variety Design 3s come with either 18 ″ Aero Wheels or 19 ″ Sport Wheels. The Efficiency trim likewise has Überturbine Wheels, although they’re only 20 ″ round.

Again, since the Design Y is a considerably bigger EV compared to the Design 3, its 2nd row seats independently fold down to save larger cargo. The Design Y is presently available in both a five seat and seven seat interior. Formerly, Elon Musk stated that the 7 seat Model Ys would start shipments in December. Most just recently, the choice is selectable on Tesla’s Model Y purchase page for an extra $3,000.

Regardless, it could be argued the Design Y has the upper hand in this classification based on freight area and towing capability alone. As a result, it could be a feasible alternative for anybody with a lot of individuals or big products to carry.


Efficiency, adjustable options, and offered functions are obviously important in any EV purchase. With that stated, for many individuals the last deciding factor in a Tesla is rate. As Tesla’s a lot of affordable option, the Model 3 is less costly than the Model Y when comparing any trim alternatives. Nevertheless, the Design Y provides more space with similar performance at a rate point that still ranks as Tesla’s second most budget-friendly choice in the fleet. Here’s how it breaks down.

Note that these rates are accurate since the publish date, and we’ll keep them upgraded for you moving forward.

Design 3

As they state, “age before hauling capacity,” so let’s begin with the Model 3. Its Basic Variety Plus trim starts at a beginning purchase price of $36,490. It is very important to note that these base prices are with no upgrades, and come with the basic white exterior paint. The Standard Variety Plus can go as high as $50,990 if you were to include every leading function available. This includes red exterior paint, 19 ″ sport wheels, black and white interior, and full-self driving capabilities (which Fred still calls a Kickstarter campaign).

The Long Range Model 3 starts at $45,490 and can reach a top end cost of $59,990 fully packed. Last however certainly not least, the Performance variation of the Design 3 begins at $53,990 and can go even higher to $66,490 with all available add-ons. Overall, your least costly option for a new Design 3 has to do with $37,000 while the most pricey version comes in simply under $67,000. It deserves keeping in mind these are the purchase rates on Tesla’s website and do not include gas savings or tax rewards.

Design Y As formerly pointed out, Tesla now provides the much awaited Basic Range RWD Model Y trim. It starts at a purchase rate of $40,490 prior to any rewards or rebates, however can still go as high as$59,490 all-in. This includes all included functions such as an additional$1,000 for a tow drawback, 20 ″ induction wheels, red paint, custom interior and complete self driving (FSD) abilities. This greater end rate also consists of the freshly available seven-seat interior for an extra $3,000.

The 2 dual-motor options for the Design Y start reasonably higher than the Design 3 prices and rise from there. The Long Variety trim starts at a base cost of $48,490 and rises to $67,490 with every offered upgrade. This includes an additional $1,000 for the previously mentioned tow drawback and $2,000 for 20 ″ Induction Wheels.

The Efficiency Design Y on the other hand, starts at $58,490 and expands upwards to $72,490 when fully packed. All in all, a new Model Y will cost you about $41,000 minimum and can reach nearly $73,000 decked out prior to gas cost savings or state tax rewards.

Which to choose: Tesla Model 3 or the Model Y? In conclusion, there’s a lot of evidence regarding why these two Teslas have actually made up a huge majority of the American car manufacturer’s overall sales in current quarters. Both deal efficiency, user-friendly style, and worth no matter your budget plan. Comparable yet various in their own special method, either Tesla has the offered options to provide you plenty to enjoy in an electrical car.

Let us know which one you prefer in the remarks.

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