That $25,000 Tesla can’t come quickly enough.


Delighted Friday, here’s another price boost from Tesla. Electrek first found on Tesla’s site that the Model 3 and Design Y each received yet another price walking this week, marking the fourth time the company has rejiggered the cost of its 2 mass-market EVs.With the rate

bumps, the Design 3 Standard Range Plus now costs $500 more throughout the board, pressing the sedan to $39,690, consisting of the $1,200 destination charge. The Design 3 is a $40,000 automobile now with this increase, unless you pick white. That keeps the cost under $40,000. Every other color stays a $1,000 alternative, which presses the price past $40,000; red remains a $2,000 choice. The optional white and black interior also remains a $1,000 option and access to the Full Self-Driving beta, Tesla’s Level 2 driver-assist innovation, costs $10,000.

Moving into the Model 3 Long Range AWD exposes a $48,690 rate and the Design 3 Efficiency inches closer to $60,000 at $58,190.

The rate increase does include the ever-so-slightest of interior changes, nevertheless. The Model 3 now gets a new door trim to match the control panel. Aside from that, it’s the very same EV, without any changes to the powertrain.As for the Design

Y, the most affordable variation stays the Long Range AWD, ringing in at $51,690. The short-term, off-the-menu Standard Range design is still not listed on Tesla’s site. The Model Y Performance, on the other hand, got away a cost bump and still costs $62,190.

Tesla does not run a public relations department to field requests for comment, so we do not know why the company continues to shuffle costs so typically, though it likely has something to do with the global semiconductor chip shortage. We know Design 3 production went offline for a duration last month, and the business isn’t protected from the lack of chips afflicting the car market (and everyone else, as much as and including Apple). Shipment times for the Model 3 and Model Y also remain extended, due to the shortage, and encompass as much as 12 weeks at this moment.

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