David Hunt, previous CEO of Cannes Healthcare Company of the Year, Havas Lynx, and Worldwide Chief Digital Officer of Havas Health & You, launches independent agency, The Considered, together with a group of pioneers that include: Teacher Shafi Ahmed and award-winning CCO Pete Armstrong.

Developed in reaction to the pandemic, The Considered is a vibrant new health care marketing agency that’s rewriting the old guidelines for a brand-new period.

Avoiding worn out solutions, rinse & repeat campaigns and, with brand-new alternative thinking, The Thought about is thoughtfully integrating data, genuine innovative, and pioneering customer experience to reimagine healthcare, unlock medical benefits, and drive industrial success.

“In a world permanently altered by a global pandemic, pharmaceutical brand names have risen to hero status. Now, the industry has a once-in-a-generation chance to harness record favorable sentiment and ride the wave to unprecedented impact,” says CEO and Founder David Hunt. “The foreseeable rewards and possible to alter lives are there for the leaders, but,” he adds, “health care brand names need to realize that prospering in this hybrid and socially complex brand-new world is going to need new campaigns, a brand-new marketing mix, a brand-new formula. It needs breaking the flawed rules that have suppressed our concepts, and doing it with heart, knowledge and factor to consider.”

If anyone in the health care area has the pedigree and tested experience to lead such a sea change, it’s Hunt.

A true leader in the field.

A wunderkind who got a foothold in advertising at 18 within Creative Lynx, a Manchester-based digital marketing firm, Hunt quickly became digital director, and after that executed a management buyout at 25– for a 50-strong firm that rapidly grew to 100. At 30, he was the CEO, going toe-to-toe with worldwide industry leaders two times his age, growing the company to 400 individuals, and providing renowned international campaigns and market firsts.

With that upward trajectory, it’s not unexpected Hunt grew Creative Lynx into among the most successful creative Healthcare companies in the world. Many took notification, and Havas obtained it in 2012.

As CEO of Havas Lynx, Hunt played a crucial role in its improvement from a small innovative firm into a worldwide health care comms outfit with 400 staff members, year-on-year double-digit growth, and AstraZeneca, Janssen and Novartis amongst its worldwide pharma customers.

Under Hunt’s period, there were awards galore, including a Cannes Lions Health Care Firm of the Year award, PME EU Health Care Firm of the Year, and Creative Floor The Majority Of Awarded Firm. There were likewise many significant firsts:

— Johnson & Johnson’s Psoriasis360 effort, which was the first true social media campaign in pharmaceutical marketing;

— One of the world’s very first medically shown digital therapeutics; Care4Today, established in partnership with Janssen Healthcare Development, which changed schizophrenia care;

— And a collaboration with AstraZeneca that altered nationwide standards, drastically increased EGFR testing, and drove a total change in the shipment of individualized medication for those with lung cancer.

With a credibility in the industry for driving the very best innovative work and launching a few of the most identifiable international health care projects, Hunt brought his mojo to the US in 2019, where he took on a brand-new function as CEO of Havas Health & You West based in Los Angeles, and was quickly promoted to Worldwide Chief Digital Officer. There, dealing with hit US brands, Hunt managed the most considerable modification to the United States pharma industrial model of the previous years, with development entering into overdrive throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

While Hunt was already well aware that health care is in an age of transformation, it was in this last role that he saw the requirement for extensive modification thrown into sharp relief. Never ever had it been more clear that healthcare professionals and patients remained in desperate requirement of brand-new help, and that the old health care marketing rules, techniques and solutions weren’t providing what they as soon as did. However there was a larger realization.

When the pandemic created the tech-enabled society, Dave acknowledged a watershed minute: the pandemic had actually enormously increased people’s reliance on and capability to use technology, throughout all generations, with impressive speed. It was a brand-new utility that might alter and conserve lives.

“We need to completely appreciate the fact that healthcare specialists, patients, and consumers now have a much deeper understanding of– and higher confidence with– technology than they had before the pandemic. So, we require to develop products and strategies that unlock this brand-new reality and take this behavior into account,” Hunt explains.

“There’s a lot scientific data that states preference, activation, and autonomy of all stakeholders enhances scientific outcomes. This is not brand-new details. Our ability to now deliver on this has drastically changed. Tech-enabled options– patient assistance programs, for example– were difficult to execute due to the fact that a lot of individuals couldn’t use them. Now, there’s no rejecting it. Individuals in their 80s are utilizing Zoom, which wouldn’t have happened if the pandemic hadn’t pressed individuals into adoption out of necessity. That’s simply blown the roofing system off what we can achieve.”

Prior to change, disturbance.

“Prior to the pandemic,” Hunt describes, “there was an awareness that the formulaic marketing mix was ending up being less and less effective, but it was still the more secure bet. The formula– which was reliant on face-to-face engagement to build relationship with customers, increase share of voice and drive brand name awareness– is now broken.”

“The pharma industry,” he continues, “still depends on conventional groups of agents and substantial media financial investment. In the new world, they should welcome data, customer experience, social, mobile, and material– not on the periphery, but as the beating heart of activity.” “In addition,” he includes, “A lot of firms are bogged down in legacy procedures, facilities and ways of working.”

“The Considered,” Hunt states, “has actually been created to provide advanced health care communications, in a modern style, establishing better campaigns, at a much better price point, in a tighter timespan. We’re an independent agency devoid of traditional bureaucratic systems– and free to harness global thinking, without the out-of-date service designs and ineffectiveness within current firm models.”

“Much of the industry is wedded to the old method of doing things. The makeup of campaigns is just a model of what preceded. We want to break that pattern, break guidelines that are often followed blindly, and bring fresh thinking and ideas that will make it possible for pharma to construct trust, knowledge and empowerment throughout the healthcare community– we call it HealthControlTM.”

The brand-new way. The Considered way.

It’s The Considered’s design and structure that enables them to resolve the innovative obstacles that others can not.

The company’s hybrid model– versatile but with a physical presence– transcends geographic limits and supplies fertile ground for unusual thinking, cross-pollination and cutting-edge technological solutions– without the tradition property, outmoded practices and ineffectiveness that continue within present company designs. They call it “talent without waste.”

Whereas a traditional regional talent pool may be drawn from a 50-200 mile radius, The Thought about use a sea of 7.9 billion– best-in-class skill anywhere it can be found. With members living within various locations, faiths, political and cultural neighborhoods, fresh thinking and increased worth is a natural outgrowth of The Considered’s structure, diversity and large multiplicity.

“The worldwide component is the innovative studio, to get the broadest concepts,” described CCO Pete Armstrong. “The client-facing, technique, medical groups and imaginative leads are based in the United States, with focused centers in New York City, Chicago, and LA. The senior management team is likewise based in the US with an extensive United States advisory board. We believe it’s the best combination of market insight and international thinking.”

A powerful evidence point.

“We’re discussing brand-new thinking, new methods of working, and breaking down barriers. To demonstrate how it’s done, we developed Health. Reevaluated,” Armstrong asserts.

Health.Reconsidered– pharma’s first worldwide Clubhouse community and The Considered’s thought management platform– exemplifies the agency’s capacity to make a significant effect, quickly, effectively, and cost-effectively. Led by patients and patient supporters, the open forum discussions inform The Considered directly on the obstacles and desires of clients around US. Health– sparking genuine insights and concepts.

And it’s been a hit. In a matter of months, it attracted 2,000 active individuals and expanded to include one of the most amazing worldwide webinars in pharma– all achieved with absolutely no media spend.

Resonating with numerous in the field, U.S. Oncology at Bristol Myers Squibb, Bob Allen, praised the effort: “It’s been unbelievable to see Dave and his team establishing Health.Reconsidered as a worldwide resource for so many. It’s a terrific and motivating community that’s showing, in real-time, how profoundly technology is driving engagement, speeding up modification and breaking down silos in all aspects of health care.”

Professional, proven and first-rate leadership team.

Independent and extremely specialized, The Thought about is a collaborative bolstered by the powerful know-how of its leadership group.

Professor Shafi Ahmed, for instance, exemplifies the multi-dimensional, forward-thinking The Considered cultivates and champs. A cosmetic surgeon, teacher, futurist, innovator, entrepreneur, TEDx speaker, and an evangelist for enhanced and virtual truth, Professor Ahmed considerably demonstrated the potential for technology to do amazing, impactful, far-reaching things– more effectively than ever– by being the very first surgical trainer to utilize Google Glass to carry out and stream a live operation to 14,000 trainees across 132 countries and 1,100 cities.

On the innovative end, Pete Armstrong is a multi-award-winning Creative Director with experience leading teams that span digital, advertising, and CRM firms across the US. His hybrid background allows him to operate at the crossway of brand name strategy, imagination, and innovation, which powers innovative, people-centric innovative solutions. In his previous function, he led a key creative effort for the US military, the most significant and most data-fueled interaction project on the planet.

Bringing a human-centric method to lead the health care industry “from obstacle to change,” Aurora Archer, creator and CEO of new-era marketing consultancy, Bellatrix Group, allows health and wellness clients to create significant disruption that drives customer choice and loyalty. With 25 years of experience, including 7 years driving growth, digital improvement and brand revitalization at AstraZeneca, Archer is enthusiastic about delivering organization effect and reimagining health services that truly serve people.

Jane Kidd is driving growth for The Considered. A senior healthcare leader with more than 33 years of industry experience, Jane constructs winning board-level techniques that transform companies across the world and achieve excellent development.

Little adequate to care, huge enough to deliver.

The Considered are 75-strong, and its partners are thoroughly curated to solve today’s most significant health care communication difficulties.

In order to construct the relationship, partnership and brands necessary for customers to be successful, The Considered partners with specific experts concentrated on breaking industry guidelines to produce transformative effect.

One partner, Alex Butler at Foundry3, a world-leading digital health laboratory focused on development and social media, released pharma’s first real social media campaign with Hunt a years earlier. Since then, he’s turned into one of the most recognized and respected leaders in pharma, particularly in digital health and social media.

Pioneering search efficiency in healthcare, Matt Lowe and his team at Performance.io are “simply the best in the world,” says Hunt. “I am happy to see the technique, imaginative and content dovetail with the search strategies they execute. We have been collaborating at TwinStrand Biosciences and the impact of the cooperation is clear in ROI.” Twinstrand’s Head of Marketing, Alex Lindell, confirms that truth by gushing, “Working with The Thought about has actually been terrific!”

Hunt also has plenty of good things to say about Anything, an acclaimed open source web and app advancement firm: “When I was about 19 years of ages, I visited this agency, Code Computer system Love. They were, head and shoulders, the best web development firm of the time. Definitely fantastic. And at the heart of that was Jono Brain. He is one of the absolute best engineers and his team, Anything, is exceptional at the advancement of websites, services and products, and providing raised consumer experiences. We are seeing this come to fruition with their deal with Health.Reconsidered.”

What The Considered and its partners all share in common is the decision to transform pharma marketing through smart innovation.

Breaking the rules– for great factor

“The pandemic offered us time to think, time to consider what we ‘d do differently when we got the possibility,” Hunt shows. “Well, now we have that chance– and we’re breaking the rules. The concern is: in this tech-enabled society, in this new world, in this time of great need and terrific issues to be solved– exists a better way of doing it? Yes, there is.”

Hunt, his management team, partners, and advisors have “listened, gone over and, with care, created the creative agency that we believe pharma needs and is worthy of.” “The Considered,” Hunt asserts, “resolves the issues provided by the hybrid world of physical and virtual consumer engagement.”

From leading Havas Lynx to Cannes Health Care Company of the Year to introducing The Considered in the United States with a truly pioneering spirit, it’s been a productive and proficiently disruptive twenty years for Hunt, who sums up the principles behind his brand-new enterprise by revealing the desire to “utilize experience, knowledge, data and insight, so that every decision, every concept, every project is based upon robust thinking, which those ideas are then led with heart, empathy and guts.”