There are several bitcoin stocks that you could invest

in to add bitcoin direct exposure to your investment portfolio. Discover a list of seven promising stocks in this guide. In this guide, you will be introduced to 7 of the best bitcoin stocks you could possibly buy, ranked by market capitalisation.

Square Inc (SQ)

Square Inc is a mobile payments solutions provider and is commonly understood for its point of sale(POS)software and hardware choices. Founded in 2009 by Jack Dorsey, the co-founder and CEO of Twitter, the business processes credit and debit card deals for merchants.

Square just recently enabled consumers to buy and offer bitcoin using the Cash App (formerly Square Money). The company reported $37 million in bitcoin trading revenues for Q2 2018. In the same duration, the business taped a $420,000 BTC benefit from its bitcoin organization.

Experts predict Square Inc’s incomes to grow by approximately 40 percent given its brand track record and strong service model. Moreover, the company has a high net promoter rating of over 70 which suggests sellers are recommending the services to others.

Market data for SQ:

  • Market Cap: $30.731 billion
  • Share Rate: $74.32
  • Revenues Per Share: -0.07
  • PE Ratio: 0
  • Dividend Yield(%): 0


Advanced Micro Gadget(AMD )provides PC and gaming elements and is a leading GPU supplier for digital currency mining. The business produces graphics cards that are utilized to mine ASIC-resistant digital currencies. AMD just recently partnered with Sapphire, Biostar, ASUS, TUL, ASROCK, and Rajintek to provide 8 various mining rigs. The rigs are tailored to hash rate optimisation for mining activities. These rigs are being marketed as ‘blockchain compute services’.

Throughout the release of its Q4 2018 incomes the company expressed optimism about 2019, stating, “Despite near-term graphics headwinds, 2019 is forming up to be another exciting year driven by the launch of our broadest and most competitive product portfolio ever.”

Market data for AMD:

  • Market Cap:$23.316 billion
  • Share Cost: $23.38
  • Profits Per Share: 0.3200
  • PE Ratio: 72.91
  • Dividend Yield(%):0

Overstock (OSTK)

Overstock is a US-based online retailer that accepts bitcoin payments. The company’s founder and CEO Patrick Bryne, an ardent believer in cryptocurrencies and their underlying innovations, promoted the company to turn into one of the first significant merchants to accept bitcoin.

In November 2018, the company announced strategies to liquidate the traditional retail organization in order to focus on its crypto-related endeavors through its subsidiary Medici Ventures. The business plans to provide bitcoin on its website by means of Bitsy, a crypto wallet and portfolio business backed by Medici Ventures, throughout the first half of 2019.

Just recently, the business also made headlines when it ended up being the very first significant United States business to pay taxes using bitcoin.

Market data for OSTK:

  • Market Cap: $623 million
  • Share Rate: $19.38
  • Revenues Per Share: $-8.98
  • PE Ratio: 0
  • Dividend Yield(%): 0

Northern Bitcoin (NB2)

Northern Bitcoin is a Germany-based bitcoin mining company. The business makes every effort to be affordable by using renewable energy sources to run its own state of the art mining hardware. The company operates a data centre in Norway.

Some of the crucial drivers of this development are the business’s bitcoin mining pool and mining software division. NB2 is noted on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange and its shares are denominated in euros.

Market information for NB2:

  • Market Cap: EUR129 million
  • Share Cost: EUR17.20
  • Profits Per Share: -0.24
  • PE Ratio: 0
  • Dividend Yield(%): 0


HIVE Blockchain Technologies is a Toronto Stock Exchange-listed cryptocurrency mining business. HIVE was introduced in 2017 as the result of a collaboration in between Genesis Mining and Foire Group. The business runs modern GPU based crypto mining farms in Iceland and Sweden. In 2018, HIVE revealed strategies to likewise expand into Norway.

The company’s collaboration with Genesis Mining, a cloud mining company, provides investors exposure to the digital currency market by purchasing mining rigs that power blockchains. According to the HIVE Q2 2018 financial results, the business has actually created $30.3 million given that it started mining operations in September 2017. Hive created $6.5 million from mining digital currencies throughout the quarter, with a gross margin of $1.9 million.

Market information for HIVE:

  • Market Cap: $130 million
  • Share Cost: $0.39
  • Profits Per Share: $-0.12
  • PE Ratio: 0
  • Dividend Yield(%): 0

Bitcoin Solutions Inc (BTCS)

Bitcoin Providers Inc is a cryptocurrency mining business and designer of blockchain applications. The business is working to raise funds in order to acquire digital properties through open market purchases.

Furthermore, the business plans to invest in blockchain companies. Ultimately, Bitcoin Services plans to offer financiers with indirect ownership of cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin and ether.

Market data for BTCS:

  • Market Cap: $18.6 million
  • Share Price: $0.0229
  • Profits Per Share: $-0.0060
  • PE Ratio: 0
  • Dividend Yield(%): 0

MGT Capital Investments (MGTI)

MGT Capital Investments is a US-based bitcoin mining business led by outspoken bitcoin advocate John McAfee. The company introduced its mining operations in September 2016 at a Washington State mining farm. Ever since, the business has developed a brand-new mining facility in Colorado.

MGT produces earnings by offering the built up BTC at the end of each mining week. However, ten percent of the mined BTC are maintained for future financial investments. MGT’s operations consist of roughly 6,800 Bitmain S9 miners and 50 GPU-based Ethereum mining rigs. Moving forward, the business aims to secure cheap energy and include more digital properties in its mining operations.

Market information for MGTI:

  • Market Cap: $7.879 million
  • Share Price: $0.0650
  • Profits Per Share: $-0.737
  • PE Ratio: 0
  • Dividend Yield(%): 0

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* Disclaimer: This is not financial investment guidance. Constantly perform your own research before making any kind of financial investment.