Today, UNICEF Canada is proudly launching a new TVC PSA campaign to raise awareness of the organization’s sophisticated efforts to help provide 2 billion COVID-19 vaccine doses to adults around the world. It will run during World Immunization Week taking place on April 24th – April 30th, 2021, as the organization asks for donations. 

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Children have been the hidden victims of the pandemic. It has amplified the lack of access that they have to education, health care, nutrition, protection, and safe water around the world. The truth is that the pandemic will not end for anyone until it ends for everyone. In fact, a new survey commissioned by UNICEF Canada revealed that Canadians widely recognize that a global approach is the only way to fight COVID-19 and protect us from its impacts. 

As a global leader in vaccinations, UNICEF is responsible for vaccinating 40 percent of the world’s children. To spread awareness of how they are responding to the current crisis – which includes delivering vaccines to lower-middle income countries – and rally support around fair and equitable distribution globally, the organization worked with creative agency Juniper ParkTBWA to develop an action-orientated PSA. 

“Canadians care about global vaccine equity. World Immunization Week is a key moment to remind ourselves that, as Canadians, we can play a leading role in ensuring that COVID-19 vaccines are affordable and accessible to all,” said David Morley, President and CEO of UNICEF Canada. 

As an organization that’s typically focused on the well-being of children, the creative in the new PSA takes a slightly different approach to communicate UNICEF’s message. Given the vaccinations are being provided to adults, it showcases the impact getting a vulnerable community vaccinated can have on a child’s life, through their eyes. 

Using an animated blue thread across each frame and originating from a vaccine dose, it connects and reveals the real-life circumstances which not being protected against COVID-19 can affect, including a child’s personal health, access to education, and safety. 

“Our hope is that the campaign shows the knock-on effects of UNICEF’s COVID-19 vaccination rollout,” says Jenny Glover, Executive Creative Director at Juniper ParkTBWA. “The pandemic has had a detrimental impact on the lives of already vulnerable children around the world because when the adults who support, care for, and protect children are affected by the virus, the children themselves are left at risk. So, UNICEF’s logic is simple, by vaccinating adults they’re indirectly protecting children.”